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Van Gogh's family in his art is a group of works that Vincent van Gogh made for or about Van Gogh family members. While Van Gogh was at the Saint-Paul Asylum, Saint-Remy, he made several paintings as gifts for his mother and sister, and the painting Almond Blossoms for his brother Theo and his wife Johanna to celebrate the birth of their son whom they named Vincent. Although Vincent experienced some strife with his family, when he became an accomplished artist and made paintings his family members liked, he shared his love for them through his art.
Theodorus van Gogh was born February 8, 1822, one of eleven children and the only one of six brothers to become a pastor like his father. Anna Cornelia Carbentus was born September 10, 1819 at The Hague to Willem Carbentus, who was a royal bookbinder.
Portrait of the Artist's Mother (Van Gogh) (F477) was based upon a black-and-white photograph of his mother. As Van Gogh rose to the height of his career, he enjoyed passing on prized paintings to his family. Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, exactly one year after the still born delivery of Anna and Theodorus' first child who was named Vincent. At the age of eleven Van Gogh was sent away for schooling to a nearby boarding school which led to his life-long feelings of being an exile.[9] As Van Gogh entered adulthood the divide widened. Van Gogh Museum attributes a painting generally considered a Self-Portrait of Vincent van Gogh to his brother, Theo.
Next to this painting is one of Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait (F296), also made in 1887.
Novel Reader is evocative of Van Gogh's sister.[28] Van Gogh describes it in a letter to Wil, "'Une Liseuse de Romans', the luxuriant hair very black, a green bodice, the sleeves the color of wine lees, the skirt black, the background all yellow, bookshelves with books. Van Gogh made a drawing of his sister, "Portrait of Willemina Jacoba ('Willemien') van Gogh" (F849) in July 1881 with pencil and charcoal.
Van Gogh did not have a close relationship with his oldest sisters or Cornelius his youngest brother.
Anton Mauve was married to Van Gogh's cousin Ariette (Jet) Sophia Jeannette Carbentus [33] and was a major influence on Van Gogh. In a letter to his brother Theo van Gogh dated 7 May 1882 [36] Van Gogh describes "a very regrettable conversation" in which Mauve told him their association was "over and done with" adding by way of explanation that Van Gogh had a vicious character. In 1882 Van Gogh's father became pastor in Nuenen and the family lived at The Vicarage at Nuenen, a small village in the North Brabant district of the Netherlands. Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen (F25) was made early 1884 for his parents, his father the pastor of the church since 1882.
The Rectory Garden in Nuenen in the Snow (F194) depicts a worker shoveling a path in the snow of the Van Gogh's garden.

Au dessus du lit se trouvent le portrait du peintre Eugene Boch et le portrait de Paul-Eugene Milliet.
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According to Vincent van Gogh's first biographer, his sister-in-law Johanna van Gogh, the grandfather was a pastor, and the son of Johanna van der Vin of Malines and Johannes van Gogh. Theodorus graduated from Utrecht in 1849 after successfully completing his theology program, which allowed him to secure a position as pastor in Groot-Zundert, a village in the North Brabant region of the Netherlands. He envisioned the older woman was his mother and the younger in a plaid shawl his sister Wil. Theo became Vincent's key source of emotional and financial support as he pursued his artistic development. In Portrait of Theo van Gogh, (F294), the Van Gogh Museum says that the painting was made "to experiment with color, as we can see in the effect of the yellow hat against the blue background, and the range of colors in the jacket, bow-tie and background."[22] Albert J. Van Gogh continued his letter by expressing his sorrow and then defiantly launches into a defense of his relationship with Clasina (Sien) Maria Hoornik, a pregnant prostitute he had befriended. Having been in Drenthe for several months, Van Gogh came to live with his parents in December 1883 and stayed there until May 1885. The second story provided Van Gogh beautiful views, including a church tower in the distance. Van Gogh's mother, Anna van Gogh, was healing from a broken thighbone.[39] Van Gogh wrote to his brother, "Taking her difficult situation into consideration, I am glad to say Mother's spirits are very even and bright. The winter scene of bare-branched trees and gloomy sky hints of the preceding fall by a few remaining red leaves.
Il realise cette peinture en octobre 1888, periode pendant laquelle il attend la venue a Arles de Paul Gauguin avec qui il souhaitait fonder un cercle d'artistes. La plupart des autres objets (les chaises, les coussins et les tableaux) sont representes par paire.
While living in Nuenen, Van Gogh memorialized his father in Still Life with Bible following his death in 1885. To Wil he said he had "an impression of you like those in Dicken's novels." Wil stands behind her mother in the painting. The more his family members suggested possible alternative vocations the greater the gulf between Vincent and his family. Theo, who managed an art gallery in Paris and was knowledgeable of trends in modern art, offered Vincent advice.
Van Gogh spent three weeks at Mauve's studio at the end of 1881 and during that time he made his first experiments in painting under Mauve's tutelage, first in oils and then early the next year in watercolour (previously he had concentrated on drawing).

Cette representation contribue a donner une impression de tranquillite, d'ordre et de calme.
There he also made many paintings and drawings in 1884 and 1885 of his parent's vicarage, its garden and the church.
After successfully completing his studies and having become established at the parsonage of Benschop, Vincent van Gogh married E. According to Johanna van Gogh, Theodorus was a handsome man, "he was called the handsome parson by some, he had an amiable character and fine spiritual qualities."[6] Vincent van Gogh made a painting of his father's Dutch Authorized Bible in Still Life with Bible (F117) months after his father, Theodorus' sudden death in March 1885. Vincent enjoyed playing outdoors and made up games for his brothers and sisters, once rewarded with the most beautiful rose bush in the garden as his award.
Further, Van Gogh's manner of dress, behavior and unusual love life was unsettling and embarrassing to the family.[19] By 1881 Vincent had developed his personal view of the world and religion which was very different from his parents', finding organized religion too constrictive. She longed to be a writer and was enthusiastic to hear of news about Paris, its art and cultural happenings. A high stone wall enclosed the garden in the back of the house that included a duck pond with a boat dock, paths and hedges, flower and vegetable garden plots and an orchard.
The other day I painted for her a little church with the hedge and the trees." The letter included a sketch with one person in front of the church,[40] a peasant with a spade. At the height of his career in Arles he made Portrait of the Artist's Mother, Memory of the Garden at Etten of his mother and sister and Novel Reader, which is thought to be of his sister, Wil.
There were a few times that Vincent exhibited his artistic talent and upon receiving praise from his parents, he ruined the items. X-rays of the painting indicate that Van Gogh later added church members and autumn leaves to the previously bare trees, which made the work more colorful.
He attended the local school but his interaction with the peasant boys was making him tough. He placed Emile Zola's novel "La Joie de vivre" (English: The Joy of Living) in front of the Bible which to him likely symbolized worldliness. Van Gogh may have added the woman in mourning and congregation members for his mother as a memorial for his father's death.

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