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Cervical cancer is a common cancer ranking at the 12th spot for being one of the most common cancers worldwide and also the fifth most dangerous cancer affecting the female population. Human papillomavirus infection is considered to be the most important risk factor for cervical cancer. Surgery remains to be the most performed method for removing tumors limited to the outer layers of the cervical area. Installeer een moderne browser of installeer Google Chrome Frame om deze website te bekijken. Cervical cancer is a malignant neoplasm where in the cells in the cervical uteri become malignant.
Chances of getting the infection is increased when a woman engages in sexual relationship at an early age, or when she has multiple sex partners or having a male partner who has multiple sexual partners.

In some cases, there is positive bleeding, vaginal mass, moderate pain during sexual intercourse. The types of surgical method may include cryosurgery, laser surgery and loop electrosurgical procedure.
From being a distinct precancerous growth known as cervical dysplasia, if left undiagnosed and untreated, it develops gradually over a period of many years to become cancerous. Some other cofactors for cervical cancer include smoking, HIV infection, diet, multiple pregnancies, genetics, diethylstilbestrol exposure and hormonal contraception. In advanced cases, the cancer cells have metastasized to other organs such as structures in the abdomen, respiratory system and somewhere else.
If the cancer becomes invasive and infiltrative, chemotherapy and hysterectomy are two possible means under surgical management.

Unfortunately, in cervical cancer, the symptoms could only become obvious once it is already in the invasive stage. Symptoms include loss of appetite, pelvic pain, leg pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, escape of urine and feces from the vaginal opening and bone destruction.

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