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I have been a bit of an advocate for this wine software since I started working in this industry. Now in order for agile marketing to work the winery needs to have analytics that communicate to the marketing and sales department the results of their efforts. Of course, things like alerts when a wine club members engagement is low have the potential be automated.
For example, their dashboard will tell you what people are saying on social media about your brand and a list with your biggest spenders. They do this not just because they are unwavering on their mission, but because a customization for your Vin65 system, means a new feature for all Vin65 users. Vin65 launched their sandbox, which allows wine website designers to integrate their design with their system, but it takes a learning curve and if your website designer is unfamilar with their sandbox they will have to bill you for the time it takes them to learn the system.
The founder of VinTank, a Napa-based wine industry digital think tank, Paul is one of the busiest guys I know.
Even more amazingly, Paul tells me that Vin65 is essentially “donating $1,800 per year of [VinTank’s] software to 700+ of their clients to the equivalent of $1,300,000” to show customer appreciation and expand their offering. Next up from VinTank is an iPhone app that will allow wineries to manage social conversations on the go. With over a decade of experience in communications, Pia has a strong background in wine, beer and food public relations, marketing and promotional strategy. In 2010, Pia created the weekly BuzzBin column called 'The Booze Bin,' offering up interesting musings on the beverage alcohol industry and all things booze. We have so many great minds in the wine marketing industry, why oh why are so many pages poorly designed? Winery owners and wine marketing managers, make sure that your future winery website redesign includes these features on your product pages. Make sure your website designers include a place for promotional text on the product and product list pages.
There are all different types of wine buyers – some are like my Dad and just want something to show off to their friends because the wine has a crazy name or wine label. Whether you’re providing trade materials, tasting notes or viticultural notes, I suggest putting everything from tech sheets to winemaker videos in this section. Why isn’t every winery and distributor posting simple winemaker tasting notes on their product page?
Don’t forget, your winemakers are your rockstars and your customers love listening to and learning from them. I would really love to see an easy upgrade to the wine club on the product page enabled in the software solutions. If this could be achieved, I think the objective to sell more wine online could really be attained. They have the skills, bandwidth and drive to offer a superior all-in-one software; in time I think they can really reach their full potential. Examples include, email open rates, point of sale transactions, social media engagement, life cycle of wine club member, website traffic sources, website page views for each individual contact and macro view of the data for the whole customer base.

Vin65 has a task management component that can be utilized for this and I would love to see this feature as a future upgrade to their system. Plus, they charge for technical support, which the designer would have to bill you for as well.
Vinespring is coming out with a mobile POS, Vinespring integrates well with MailChimp for email marketing and any CMS system.
If you run a marketing campaign using social media, you know the first word out of your client’s mouth is, “seriously, what’s the ROI in this?” As my pal, Paul Mabray, repeats like a mantra when it comes to this question, “there is only one absolute truth.
It’s a two way integration, so VinTank customers will also be able to view Vin65’s e-commerce data, including contact info, lifetime value and club memberships. A vice president in PadillaCRT's Food & Beverage Practice, Pia oversees public relations, traditional and social media programs, strategic partnerships and program development for various beverage alcohol and food accounts, including the Wines of Rioja, Les Vins Georges Duboeuf and the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.
Depending on the season, what she's cooking, and whether or not the Yankees are winning, Pia can be found toasting a glass or pint of something awesome. It doesn’t have to be high tech, simple point and shoot with an iPhone or Android and upload the video to Youtube. I believe that an all-in-one software helps wineries make better marketing decisions because all the information is in one database. Website traffic, sales, social engagement presented in monthly comparison reports would be more helpful .
But they do provide up to 2 hours for tech support for free.  The other option is to hire Vin65 to integrate the design with their system which runs $5000 to $8000. It is the backend – the site where you log into to see your orders, contacts, wine club reports, etc.
As for the customer, this data sharing allows the business to improve its offering and more closely meet its customers’ needs. Plus, VinTank is slowly getting into the restaurant side of the business, so sommeliers and wine directors, keep an eye out. Thank you Vin65 and Nexternal for standardizing so many of the features I have outlined below.
Yelp is an aggregator, Google Local, Cellar Tracker and even your own website is a review aggregator. However, a pet peeve of mine is to see a page on a website with the infinite scroll, it just goes on and on forever. Then simply use the embed code that Youtube provides and upload your video onto your website using your content management system (WordPress, Vin65, eWinery Solutions, Vinespring, Shopify, etc).
Every once in a while you will see a connection with a social media profile and a contact in your system, but it is rare. They have so much potential to deliver an automated system that streamlines the workflow and communication channels with their clients’ customers. Most of our conversations take place while he is in transit, talking over the unmistakable hum of traffic, or via text (likely while he is at a stop light or changing a diaper), so it didn’t necessarily surprise me when he sent through a brief and slightly mysterious text about the big news he was about to share.
And thank you to our wonderful peers in our industry who also have designed websites that meet these standards.

For consumers today, it is an average of consumer rankings that hold value in our buying decision process. The video can be repurposed in the emails you send to your wine club members and on your social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.
I would, for the sake of the wine industry, love to see a similar feature on wine product pages.
We make decisions off very old marketing strategies – we look at broad results and try to guess the variables that may have influenced those results.
By engagement I mean the metrics like I listed above: email open rates, social media enagement, etc.
Paul is a larger than life kind of guy, but this particular text had more exclamation points than usual, so I knew the news had to match. Paul likes to say, “in a world of infinite wine selection, the only differentiator is service.” With this partnership, it seems everyone will be happy.
Now, instead of computers, people recommend links to view and social media tools are the content aggregators. The user would see, displayed to the right or left of the product, the option to save if they upgrade to the wine club. But with digital marketing the variables can be isolated and tested very early on in the sales process. We especially like the Shopify versions since the user doesn’t even have to create an account to write a review, if they are logged into Facebook via their browser, they can write the review using their Facebook profile.
It is called agile marketing and Vin65 has the power to deliver the tools to do this 21st century marketing.
If you don’t have a Tweet, Facebook Like, Pin (Pinterest) on your product pages, people will be much less likely to share the link on social media.
For example, if the engagement is low for a particular wine club member, find a way to increase that enagement.
Call them, send them a personalized postcard from your winemaker, make them your featured wine club member on your Facebook cover photo.
As I have mentioned before, they will not add functionality to their e-commerce system if it is not best for the wine community to sell more DTC. They are professionals and they know that this will increase the percentage of cart abandonment – so no sale at all for the winery.
But Vin65 is always happy to recommend other options to upsell to wine club membership that won’t increase the cart abandonmet percentage.

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