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For Halloween or for your next cosplay event you can wear a Riddick costume that will look really great if you do not forget to wear some contact lenses to complete your look.
Riddick is a 2013 American thriller science fiction action film, the third part in the The Chronicles of Riddick film series and millions of people around the world have watched this incredible movie.
Riddick is a man who can see in the dark and you should know that nobody is more dangerous than a man who sees in the dark. If you also want to see in the dark it is now easy thanks to our see-in-the-dark color lenses special for Halloween and cosplay but that you can also wear all year long at any party or special event.
Try these circle lenses and see how you look like with Riddick Eyeshine white eyes accessories that are perfect to complete your Halloween costume.

Halloween is a chance to imitate your favourite fantasy movie character and this year Riddick costume will be one of the most famous costumes for fans of colored contact lenses who know how much fun it is to be a new person in an instant.
If you are fan of Riddick character or Vin Diesel actor don't miss this chance to dress like him after shaving your head and wear some silver white contacts to pretend to have the glowing irises of the character which allow him to see in the dark.
Wearing Crazy contact lenses at Halloween party or any party is a chance to get you noticed and be the celebrity of the night, so if you want to live a very special night for Halloween or your next cosplay party we are sure that these solid white lenses that are ideal for fantasy, science fiction or horror character costumes will help your to have the most impressing costume that special night. Enjoy your next costume party with Riddick eyes contact lenses and send us your best photos to join our "photos for free contact lenses" contest. Maxima resistencia a temperaturas extremas, cumple con todos los requisitos de flamabilidad y toxicidad de humos, no contiene materiales pesados, totalmente reciclable.

Optima calidad que cumple sobradamente con las resoluciones IMO, convenio SOLAS y normas ISO.

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