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The parts catalog ETKA 7 occupies one DVD, it is possible to install only completely on the HDD and require 2600Mb of free space on HDD, has support many languages. ETKA 7 include spare parts catalogue and parts book  the heart of the Volkswagen AG (VAG) original parts service system. We provide original Automotive Software, spare parts catalog, service manual, workshop manual, dealer repair manual, service bulletin, body repair manual, electrical wiring diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, owner manuals and other dealer technical service documentation.
In addition to Audi, this part numbering system is applicable to the entire Volkswagen Group, which includes brands like Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen. You can learn the year of manufacture of any Audi vehicle by looking at the sticker on the driver’s door post and at the imprint on the dashboard.
The first three characters ordinarily indicate the vehicle type, engine, or transmission for which the part was developed. Every individual model, body style variation, engine and transmission has its own three-character code.
The first digit of the second group of three characters identifies the part as belonging to one of ten Main Groups. Our example’s Subgroup designation means that this part can be found in section 53 of main group 8, which is “moldings, grilles and emblems” (853).
A repair kit contains the parts needed to perform a specific repair (a brake pad set, carburetor set, or a brake cylinder repair kit). The actual part within a Subgroup is identified in the last three digits of the part number.
Important: In configuring part locations on a vehicle, left, right, front, or rear is always determined from the driver’s seat facing forward. Parts are sometimes modified or changed (different design, different supplier, and different materials). In our example, the fog light grille is designated by a modified part number shown with the letter K.
Normally there is only one modification letter or designation, but a frequently modified part may have two letters.

A re-manufactured part is vastly different from one that has been “rebuilt” or “reconditioned.” Re-manufacturing is a complete procedure that makes the part just as good as when it was new—in some cases, by incorporating technical advances that have occurred since its original manufacture, making the re-manufactured part technically superior to its original design.
We hope you now have a much better understanding of the Audi part numbering system and find it useful in your future projects. No the DRL wires are not fitted yet as said above I tried to push the ends of the larger DRL connections into the plug after breaking off the larger connector that is. Catalog designed to fulfill the mission of easily search for information about original spare parts for VAG vehicles, such as Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat.
The parts numbering system used by Audi dates back to the 1930s and the original designs created by Ferdinand Porsche. Understanding Volkswagen Group part numbering system will allow you to reference parts across various  brands and models. In many cases, additional suffix characters are added to indicate special part characteristics such as color, design variations, etc.
Once you know these, you’ll see at a glance the type of component or system the part belongs to. For example, in Main Group 8 for Body parts, there are Subgroups for subsystems such as bumpers (807), fenders (821), doors (831 for front and 833 for rear), front seats (881), and so on.
Whenever the Subgroup – the fifth and sixth digits of the part number sequence – is 98, it means the part is a repair kit. If the part is available in a left- or a right-side version, the last number in the actual part number sequence is either an even or an odd digit. Part numbers with modification letters may or may not interchange with previous parts because of the modification, even though they share the same base part number, except for the letter modification. And the alphabetical sequence of the modification letter normally indicates how many modifications or versions have been made.
We’ve kept the info in this article as concise as possible and a lot of info was left out due to length constraints.
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This scan was taken when the DRL wires had been poked into the plug (without connector on). My mate has it and is having a look into it but elsa is new to him so he's working out navigating his way around it.
Could you be a diamond and help out with which repair wires are needed to get these bloomin DRL's sorted? All information contained on the website, such as images, names, specifications and references, and much more, serves for reference purposes of visitors. A part number may be as long as fourteen (14) characters if it incorporates one or more of the extra characters. So in this case the first three digits, 06A, do not designate a particular model, but rather which engine the oil filter was first developed for.
The modification letter or letters, which can be either in the 10th or in the 10th and 11th position of the part number, can also indicate a different version of the part.
A part may also be modified before manufacturing at the factory, after it has been assigned a part number. If you have any further questions, please post a comment and we’ll reply as soon as possible. The subscription will also gives you the ability to identify the exact parts that came on your vehicle by entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
All parts made for a specific model, body style variation, engine or transmission have the same first three-character part number code. Since many parts can be used on more than one model, the first three digits do not restrict the part to that model alone. The breakdown below shows how the number is built and how to interpret the five groups of numbers..

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