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Team officials did not release details of the procedure, but said Scully plans to return to his job as scheduled next season. The Dodgers will host the New York Mets tomorrow in the first game of the National League Division Series.
Scully, 87, announced in August that he plans to return for the 2016 season, which will be his 67th with the team.
During the regular season, he only announces home games, along with road games in San Francisco and Anaheim. Scully, considered by many the greatest sportscaster of the 20th century, said he does not want to have a farewell tour. Barry Diller, Ben Silverman, Bob Iger, CBS, Comcast, Corporate, David Geffen, Disney, DreamWorks, Facebook, Fox, Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood History, Jeff Zucker, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Khan Manka Family, Manka Bros., Mark Zuckerberg, MGM, Michael Eisner, NBC Universal, New Media, New Technology, News Corporation, Paramount, Politics, Publishing, Rupert Murdoch, Silicon Valley, Social Media, Sony, Sumner Redstone, Sun Valley, Television, Theatrical Exhibition, Theme Parks, Time Warner, Viacom, Wall Street, Warner Bros.
According to my daughter, Connie, Hollywood doesn’t have a future and Silicon Valley is now the center of the CREATIVE universe.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was able to catch 57 popcorn shrimp in his mouth (from all angles and distances).

After that, we picked up our (cold) breakfast burritos (out of a bin) and very weak orange juice (out of one of those summer camp machines) and trudged inside for a day of mind-numbing presentations about Brexit and global warming and the future of media, blah blah blah. Followed by an ax throwing contest (Brian Roberts of Comcast usually wins that) and, finally, log rolling (surprisingly Barry Diller is very good at this) before we can get our first cocktail of the day. My plan is to go to my daughter’s presentation and sneak away from the other bullshit. Wasn’t it nice of Herb to finally lay down a full $33 million this year to actually keep a perimeter around the Lodge and the Inn?
Considering she is on the Board of a major Hollywood studio, this is a horrible, filthy thing to say.
In terms of crazy Sun Valley highlights, I would this one right up there with Burning Mogul (which was truly one of the most bizarre nights of my life). King Abdullah of Jordan wanted to hire him as the entertainment for an upcoming family wedding.
John Burbank John DeGioia John Donahoe John E Bush John Elkann John Griffin John Hendricks John Henry John Heyman John Hock John Kerry John Malone John Schneider John Scully Jonathan Dolgen Jonathan M.

Because of that, she didn’t get to go to the chocolate fountain with the other moguls last night. What a site to see several drunk media and tech titans cheer as each shrimp was caught by the Prime Minister.
Dude had way too much energy – like he consumed a six-pack of Red Bull before sunrise.
Nelson Jose Antonio Fernandez Jose Luis Cutrale Joseph Robert Kerrey Joseph Vacanti Judd Weinberg Julius Genachowski Karim Sadjadpour Kathleen A McCarragher Kazuo Hirai Kenneth Chenault Kenneth Miranda Kenneth W Lowe Khan Manka Lachlan Murdoch Larry Page Laurene Powell Lawrence F Probst Lee S Ainslie III Leftie Vaughn Leslie Moonves Lewis Cime Lionel Barber Lisa Hook Lorenzo Mendoza Louis Simpson Luis Alberto Moreno Major General Amos Yadlin Mala Gaonkar Manka Bros.
He finally dropped when Phillippe Dauman tried to throw him one from the Frogger machine and it was such a pathetic throw there was no chance.
Manvinder S Banga Marc Andreessen Marc Benioff Marissa Mayer Mark Bertolini Mark Casey Mark Papa Mark Pincus Mark Thompson Mark Zuckerberg Martin Indyk Martin Lau Martin Lipton Martin Varsavsky Marvin Edwards Mathias Dopfner Maurice Levy Max Levchin Meg Whitman Melinda Gates Michael Angelakis Michael Bloomberg Michael Duke Michael E O'Hanlon Michael Eisner Michael Ferror Michael Fries Michael Fux Michael J Brown Michael Karsch Michael Keating Michael Larson Michael Leavitt Michael Lowenstein Michael Lynton Michael Neidorff Michael Ovitz MIchael Pausic Michael R Bloomberg Michael S Berman Michael Stone Michael White Michelangelo Volpi Minxin Pei Morris Mark Muhtar Kent Nassef Sawiris Nathan Myhrvold Neil M Ashe Niall W.

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