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The Dodgers and the city of Los Angeles today dedicated Vin Scully Avenue in honor of Hall of Famer Vin Scully, who is in his 67th and final season in the broadcast booth for the Dodgers. Exercising in you own custom-designed sportswear can give your workouts an energizing boost. Like I have said many times before, I don't understand why certain Dodgers fans continue to worship Mike.
Piazza was a favorite of mine when he played for the Dodgers in the 90's but I lost all respect for the man after these comments he made against Vin. A lot of posters are referring to how Classy Vin Scully is, in order to contrast the perceived lack of class of Piazza - and it's wrong. This is so stupid for the Dodgers to do this for many reasons, but perhaps, most on point for them is that Bobby's filming and posts are free advertising for their industry and increases the fun, good will, and profile of baseball in general and Dodger baseball in particular. I mentioned earlier this month that Piazza was scheduled to sign his book titled 'Long Shot' at Vroman's bookstore in Pasadena. Big thanks to Vroman's, Piazza, Big Ron, Viv for taking the picture, my wife and son for going with me and thank god my son took a nap or else he would have thrown a fit.
Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier gets animated Sunday on Fox's "The Cleveland Show," when they provide their voices along with Joey Votto, David Ortiz and Jimmy Rollins. The Browns pack their bags and move to Los Angeles, where Cleveland pursues his life-long dream of becoming a major league baseball scout. Andrew Ethier, Matt Kemp and Joey Votto take you behind the scenes of "California Dreamin'". That's right, the Japanese trailblazer is being honored with a pair of sneakers next spring.

The Air Max NM Nomo will make a return in its original colorways during the spring of 2011. My thoughts on everything that has to do with the old game, autographs, baseball cards, bobbleheads, contests, upcoming appearances, books, etc. The Hall of Famer’s 67 years of consecutive service with the Dodger organization is the longest of any sports broadcaster with one team.
I would be surprised if the Dodgers and Piazza ever get together for any type of event now.
It was always about $$ for him - to blame Vin, the voice and soul of the dodgers is a complete travesty.
Piazza was my favorite Dodger growing up, but the guy decided to burn some bridges and blamed everyone but himself for it. I had already bought the books earlier this month and received a ticket with the letter 'D'.
But when he receives a cold welcome from star players Matt Kemp and Andre Either (guest-voicing as themselves) and he unsuccessfully recruits David Ortiz, Jimmy Rollins and Joey Votto (guest-voicing as themselves), he winds up longing for the simple life in Stoolbend. In my opinion he deserved the money and thought Fox made a terrible mistake in trading him. And it's funny that I liked him so much as a kid even though the times that I met him, I always thought he was mean. It would be one thing if he felt that way back in 98 and decided to let it go, but he continues to spit on Dodgers fans even after we wanted to honor him with a bobblehead.
The shoe is finished off with a maize-bubbled sole that you’ve probably seen on the Air Griffey Max 1.

Roz Wyman, former city councilmember primarily responsible for helping bring the Dodgers to Los Angeles, was also in attendance.
In the book, Piazza wrote that Scully asked him about the deadline in a spring interview."He wasn't happy about it," Piazza wrote. It's because Piazza signs quick and the Vroman's staff made sure your books were ready to get signed.
In the book, he said the Dodgers made a take-it-or-leave-it offer of $76 million over six years, said he would have signed at $79 million, and suggested the team leaked that it had offered $80 million.At $80 million -- or even at $76 million -- Piazza would have been the highest-paid player in the game. At a time when baseball needs to EXPAND its appeal beyond the generic fanbase, the Dodgers seem to be moving in the opposite direction. Dodgers fans took notice that spring, as Piazza wrote."The way the whole contract drama looked to them -- many of whom were taking their cue from Scully -- was that, by setting a deadline and insisting on so much money, I was demonstrating a conspicuous lack of loyalty to the ball club," Piazza wrote.
Dodger fans span beyond the First District and beyond the city of Los Angeles, with everyone knowing the voice of Vin Scully,” said Cedillo. However, Scully said, he never would criticize a player about contractual negotiations."As God is my judge, I don't get involved in these things," Scully said. The 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook also features a special tribute to Scully, traveling from the start of his Dodger career in 1950 to the present.The Dodgers also announced today a special 11-game mini plan that will offer fans the opportunity to secure tickets to every game featuring a tribute to Scully, in addition to every game after Opening Day, and is currently the only way to get tickets to attend Vin Scully Appreciation Night on September 23.

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