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Now that you know where to find the hidden VIN numbers on your car we just need to decode what these numbers mean. There is a lot of controversy regarding the rivets used to attach the VIN tag to the left front hinge pillar on the 65 Oldsmobiles.
New VIN plate for 1965: The new plate had square corners and was riveted to the drivers side body hinge pillar.
The primary VIN tag which includes the complete Vehicle Identification Number and two hidden VIN locations which include a partial VIN stamped into the bodies sheet metal.
Here you will find a rectangular metal tag attached to the body by two rivets from underneath the dash panel. Both of these numbers are partial VIN numbers and should be an exact match with the VIN tag mounted to the door pillar.

This was done to eliminate breaking the attaching spot welds, hence the change to the use of rivets. If so, I'm sure the seller will be happy to change them for you.I do not have, nor sell these rivets. We are constantly expanding our records so please check back again for later years or email us for more help. If your car or a car you are considering purchasing has two round rivets holding the VIN tag in place installed from the top of the dash panel you will want to exercise a little caution and check a few other aspects of the car prior to purchase. Early 1965 rivets are the common circular stainless steel and the later rivets are rosette shaped.
This does not guarantee that there is any type of problem with your vehicles Vehicle Identification Number tag but it does indicate that at some point it may have been removed form the car for one reason or another.

To access these two VINs will require a little work first by removing the upper cowl panel and windshield wipers to clearly access the upper hidden VIN and for the second hidden VIN the heater blower motor needs to be removed which is very labor intensive requiring removal of the passenger side fender in most cases. In this case you will want to make sure to inspect and verify the two hidden VINs stamped into the cars body to verify they match the last 8 digits of the metal VIN tag at the door pillar. There were still many dealers that did not stamp the delivery date, so don't don't let it's absence worry you. The most worrisome of the reasons that people remove a tag for is what is known as a rebody where a car with a poor condition body but high value options such as a big block or Z28 has its VIN removed and attached to a lower value body that is in far better condition.

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