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This is made of aluminium, you fit it by riveting it next to the hook that the bonnet catch joins onto. To Buy Car Touch Up Paint or Car Aerosol Spray Cans for your Renault please CLICK HEREorRETURN TO HOMEPAGE Finding Your Renault Paint Code Renault has one main area for a paint code, check the drivers door sill or the drivers door jamb. Great, will look cool on your car, only RS in whole of Russia How much did it cost you?

I have a tracker, on my last motor, a Fiesta, it was clipped to the interior feed, it uses little power and this feed had a small fuse.
Dynamique * Gris Boreal 17" Steppe * Leather * RS front grillesXenon + 5LED side lights * Clear side indicators * Ph. With my Mondeo, I copied this installation but the tracker is being effected by the Battery Saver relay.

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