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Hey guys, im from australia and chasing the colour code and name for a green Ka, the only info ive got is the car is a 2000 modelPics below.. 2015 ford focus colors of touch up paint, Here's what our customers are saying about our touch up paint: joe m, owner of a 2015 ford focus from elyria, oh. 2015 ford taurus colors of touch up paint, Here's what our customers are saying about our touch up paint: bill m, owner of a 2015 ford taurus from ridgedale, mo. 1968 ford color codes - mustang paint cross-reference, 1968 paint 6 pebble beige, a raven black, b royal maroon, d acapulco blue, f gulfstream aqua, i lime gold, m wimbledon white, n diamond blue, o seafoam green, q.
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Black sensors were faulty ones and ideally should be replaced with grey ones as a precaution, even if the problem doesn't exist. Please remember that although it is advisable to disconnect the battery, it isn't a necessity. Content is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise noted. To discuss anything that is related to cars and automotive technology that doesnt naturally fit into another forum catagory. If you, your car, or any 3rd party is damaged as a consequence of following this guide that is not my responsibility.

Remember that if you do disconnect your battery, please make sure that you have your radio codes to hand. Is it just Ford's way to tell the car did not have catalytic converter nor lambda when it left the factory?

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