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La referencia del modulo que pusiste en el otro post es de la unidad de control del Tempomat y regulacion del ralenti (es la que sale montada en la foto). Hola AlvaroMoralesD, en efecto el modulo que te indica surumumu es el de la inyeccion o centralita principal, el numero de bastidor lo tienes en la ficha tecnica del coche, es lo que se conoce como VIN (Vehicle Indentification Number), en los papeles del coche lo tienes en negrita y letras mayusculas, con esa referencia se sabe todo lo que el coche puede montar y que piezas exactas lleva, pasale ese numero por pirvado y se lo solucionara la consulta sobre el numero de pieza exacta.Un saludo. Hola a todos, la verdad es que la unidad que pone pecha esta pero que muy bien de precio con transporte y todo, aqui en Canarias para conseguir algo hay que pagar un buen pastizal.Un saludo. The last seven digits of the chassis number and the last seven digits of the VIN are always the same - that is the plant code letter followed by the six digit sequential serial number. Move the passengers seat all the way back (left hand drive) and you will see a small cut in the carpet, lift this and there is the VIN number.
I am a total noob on motor homes, but I do have all the manuals, maintainance receipts, and specifications here, so if anyone has any technical questions, PM me and I will happily supply the appropriate answers.
Also, as a co-owner of a forum dedicated to luxury Swiss watches, I too would look askance at a new member listing an item with their first post, so I will cheerfully speak directly to anyone seriously interested and hopefully quell any doubts. Let us know what it went for so we can know how much we might be shopping for if we go this direction. The Frame is painted 930 Silver Blue Metallic on the top and sides but is cream on the bottom. One of my goals with the FrankenBenz is to scare women and children, and to have Lexus drivers spill their latte. This is a Euro, federalized in 1984, with the same Vin# on the Drivers windshield post and stamped into the Firewall.
I am beginning to think I am looking in the wrong place and I need to look at the cross member that is welded to the horns and on which the engine is mounted. I still have the MB crossmember that I cut out of the car and it has nothing stamped on it.

These Euro Cars were imported one at a time and federalized at various and sundry shops per the Government mandate. I , personally have not seen a pillar VIN number like yours but I cannot say that it is nefarious in any way. I suppose it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that someone could cut out the old firewall number and weld another in but they would have to do a great job not to be detected (file down the weld smooth everywhere, re-prime and paint, etc) Pull the rubber guard off the top edge of the Firewall and look at the edge for any discrepancies, and look inside the firewall and outside for the same. The inspector said he could not do it because there is supposed to be a tag on the drivers pillar that has a 2nd location for the VIN number.
The local dealer here said they could not supply it, but the one I normally use in Oregon said they could. Use a refrigerator sticker magnet and check for hidden Bondo on the door pillar area where the sticker is supposed to be. They intended to see the US and Canada and everything in-between with it, but health issues with my Dad starting in 2008 and progressing have made that no longer feasible.
Obviously, members of the forum know how handy these compact units can be for ease of handling, fuel economy and overall versatility. After putting in a new engine crossmember and motor mounts into the FrankenBenz, I can categorically state that there is nothing on either frame rail!! Si me pasas el numero de bastidor te digo la referencia MB de la pieza o piezas que puedes montar.
Si me pasas el numero de bastidor te digo la referencia MB de la pieza o piezas que puedes montar.?La unidad de control de inyeccion es lo que se conoce como computador??El numero de bastidor aparece en la pieza? The mileage reading is a testament to the minimal usage and the photos will display the care with which it has been maintained. This one has been housed in a climate-controlled garage its entire (short) life, and as for cleanliness… a surgical operating room should be this well-maintained.

Hope you find that other VIN, but it's not on a US '87 560SEC where the Classic Center guy said it would be.
Antes de concretar la compra, le pregunte al mecanico (que me detecto el problema) que me confirmara si lo que iba a comprar era el computador.
Asi que no puedo decirte si te sirve o no, lo que si te puedo decir es que es de un W202 C280 como el tuyo. Asi que no puedo decirte si te sirve o no, lo que si te puedo decir es que es de un W202 C280 como el tuyo.Muchas gracias!
I'd call the guy back and see if US and Euro cars have VINs in different places or if the Euro's have additional VINs stamped on them. El mecanico que vio el tema originalmente el ano pasado no trabaja en la ciudad donde vivo y tengo el vehiculo.
Me acaba de llegar y hoy fue otro mecanico a instalarlo (el primer mecanico no esta en la misma ciudad donde tengo el auto parado).
Peeeeero, resulto que lo que compre (y que el primer mecanico me habia indicado que era el computador) resulto ser un modulo. El problema es que no tengo la pieza que se supone que es el computador (y que va delante de la aparece en la foto).

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