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It seems VOSA are saying that what matters when determining the gross TRAIN weight of a towing vehicle and trailer is the ACTUAL trailer weight, and not the PLATED weight of the trailer. This is a topic that I do understand in depth, having had to deal with it with a previous company that I worked for. Where this new legislation from VOSA changes things is that basically you can pull ANY trailer with ANY vehicle, so long as you are  not exceeding the MAXIMUM gross weight of the vehicle (as stated on the vehicle plate - the largest number) or the MAXIMUM gross weight of the trailer (as stated on the plate on the trailer). Makes life slightly more difficult in a way as now you have to really know the unladen weight of your trailer, which may vary if you have removable sides or ramps - but that's another story! So Adam, if I understand your example correctly, the most that vehicle could tow is 2000kg GROSS?
In my case - Landrover 110, max train on the VIN plate is 6550kg, so having an ULW of 1950kg, I could tow 4600kg! A 8x4 Bateson is likely to be quite heavy though, so it depends if this would actually leave you any payload!
Ref Richard Thornton - Correct (from memory that chassis plate is (or was)) on a Ford Scorpio car.
Yes, you could technically tow 4600KG, although highly inadvisable as then the trailer weight would be over the weight of the towing vehicle (also illegal as far as I know, certainly inadvisable anyway). Jon - yes I read the rules to say you can use that Bateson trailer as long as it doesn't actually weigh 750kg or more when full. Ricgard - I believe there are recommendations that the trailer does not exceed 85% of the towing vehicle weight in addition to all the other rules, so you would not get away with a trailer combo like that! Thanks again for your replies, I will  have to get the trailer on a weighbridge, I suspect it may well be too heavy.
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Following the successful launch of the rear roller kit for their 41cm pedestrian rotary models last year, Etesia has announced that the kit is now also be available for 46cm models in their range. Given that this van weighs 7 tons, and will have two passengers in the front, is this a reasonable maximum weight?
Or does it vary widely depending on the make of Luton van, and perhaps this guy's vans are indeed unsuitable for loads of more than a ton.
I think you might be getting confused, the truck will not weigh 7 tons, that is just the maximum gross laden weight you could (probably) be allowed to drive with on your licence (depending on type), including vehicle, cargo, passengers trailer etc.
There will be a stamped plate somewhere easily accessible which has the details of unladen and maximum laden weights, and this is what the police use if they suspect you are overloaded and drag you off to a weighbridge.
On the 1970s Ford Transits I drove this plate was located on the step up to the passenger side of the cabin so that it could be read by opening the door. Over the years if the two screws begin to loosen, the owner would either retighten them from time to time or often remove the plate for safe keeping. To protect the consumer from theft and possible fraud, the manufacturer is required to include a Check Digit at the 9th position of the Vehicle Identification Number.

Before we can be sure of what we can drive we need to understand some terms that refer to the weight of the motorhome, it is the weight that depicts what license we need. The best advice I can give is you want to drive a vehicle over 7.5 tonnes then “take your test and get your entitlement” To have an insurance company refuse to pay because of this could be devastating, you might have to take them to court to prove that you do have the right to drive such a large motorhome and that could be difficult and costly.
Drivers who passed their test before 1January 1st 1997 and who want to who keep their category C1 entitlement when they renewing will need to have a medical. If you are lucky enough to still be driving a motorhome aged 70 then it must be under 3500kg otherwise medicals will be required.
About Latest Posts Jim BrownJim is a long time motorhome enthusiast travelling extensively in the UK and Europe.
I passed my test in 2006 I’m 23 years of age my dad owns a motorhome weighing 3.7 tonnes will I be able to drive this on a normal license or pay ?1000 for my HGV license??
Maybe its me but I find it a little confusing, due to a medical condition I can only drive up to 3500kg, is that unladen, no people in it, no water no luggage.
I took 3 months to challenge DVLA over requiring an HGV licence to drive a special category M1 motorhome and constantly asked them to evidence the relevant Acts of Parliament. I also have a letter from the Police stating I can drive my RV – 20tons on my car licence.
I add a further point – If we follow the logic provided then all busses and coaches will require an HGV licence in addition to a PSV licence. Approaching 70 years, I am fully aware of the regulations but no one seems to advertise how heavy these vehicles are. I am 71 and had to renew my license recently, I wished to purchase a motorhome to enable my wife and I to tour but find that the category C1 has been removed from my license which means that I can not drive one over 3500kgs, bloody cheek!
So, for example I see a motorhome which has a unladen weight of 3000kg and a fully laden weight of 3700kg. I have been told by my Dr that I need a full medical for the c d licence at 70 , is this really necessary as they have my medical records. I have been told I cannot drive a 5 tonne 35 year old motorhome without an hgv licence because I did not pass my driving test before 1988. This is great news for my husband who is 76 We’ve not been able to use our motorhome since September when we realised C1 had been removed from his licence. Hi i passed my test in holland in 1995 and changed it to uk licence in 2005 when i moved to the uk without doing another test in the uk. Hello Funsters. Thank you all for making me and my dog Jesse so very welcome on our very first rally.
We enjoyed our first MHF rally, great crowd, we would like to thank the people who took in our awning when it was about to take off, this was a very kind deed, we didn’t realize it was so windy where we were parked, looking forward to the next one. This was our first meet and we didn’t really know what to expect and we had a great time, thanks to Jim and Sian and everybody else who made us welcome and to the marshalls who did a great job getting us sorted. As regards linked brakes, I don't know the answer to that one either, but can't see why they would be required (so long as the trailer brakes themselves work OK. Most types of garden waste can be thrown into a skip, and there are sizes to suit any job, big or small. Or could I pack in a ton and a half or two tons with no risk of damaging the suspension or anything? I'm pretty sure it's done individually for each van or truck so that the unladen weight reflects stuff like the engine, towbars or any other equipment fitted. If you are close to the maximum payload you want to try and spread the load between the axles so that neither axle is over its limit. When I got dragged off to a weighbridge the cops pointed out that a passenger may have pushed me over the limit.

It'll also have a tachograph but as long as you're not using for business use then you don't need to use it. The Check Digit is used by the manufacturer and government agencies to verify the authenticity of the vehicle and official documentation. This has been a bit confusing since we try to  standardise driving licence entitlements across Europe.
If you passed your car test before  the 1st jan 1997 you should already have C1 on your licence. Those over 70 or over that want to drive a large motorhome heavier than 3500kg but under 7501kg will need medical checkups every three years.
Which motorhomes can one drive without bothering to continue the C and D licence entitlements. We enjoyed the rally very much despite us making some very silly and basic errors on our first time away without hook-up.
I shouldn't have a problem if pulled over as long as the gross trailer weight is under 2500kg. Basically it states the vehicle’s gross weight limit (weight of truck plus its maximum allowed load) plus stamped digits that give the assembly plant year, size of truck, month built, and sequential numbers as it came off the production line. Probably not so much to prevent vehicle theft (we lived in a different era) but just to keep them from being lost.
If your licence does not include category C1 you may not drive a motorhome that exceeds 3.5 tons. I was able to provide detail that shows that AT THE TIME I TOOK MY TEST you could drive a motorhome. And the MAM of a vehicle the ULW = Unladden Vehicle Weight no passangers or luggage each 15 passangers and luggage is weighed at one tonne but it doesn’t matter because its measured on unladden weight. Hence the reason I missed the singing but recovered sufficiently to face the bacon butties the next morning.
Great to put faces to names at the cake and bacon station – those were a lovely surprise. We do not endorse any such activity for others or recommend it to any particular person - we simply document the experiences and opinions of our staff and our members.
The two holes for the plate screws or rivets are punched at the factory in both door posts. Get the latest documentation on the European licence, in effect 12 April 2012 and it states you can drive what you could when you took your test.
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If you choose to engage in these activities or modifications it is by your own free will and entirely at your own risk. In the early years this was often of little concern as most trucks were titled on the engine number. Any and all modifications will likely cause a vehicle to behave differently than from factory.
Some modifications may significantly increase your risk when driving the vehicle or be dangerous in some driving situations.

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