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Vehicle identification number (VIN)In addition to being stamped on the vehicle identification plate, the vehicle identification number (VIN) is also stamped onto the vehicle body. Engine numberThe engine number is stamped on the crankcase.More information can be obtained from any Mercedes-Benz Service Centre. 4.The manufacturer's stated gross weight of your trailer is displayed on an ID plate which is generally riveted to the side of your trailer.
If the gross weight of your trailer is less than the unladen weight of your car AND the gross train weight of your vehicle and trailer is 3500kg or below, then you do not need to take the B+E test. However, if the gross weight of your trailer is less than the unladen weight of your car AND the gross train weight of your vehicle and trailer is over 3500kg, you will need to take a B+E test unless you are covered by the exception noted below. Exception If your trailer has a gross weight of 750kg or below and your  towing vehicle has a gross laden weight of 3500kg or below, then you can still tow legally without a B+E licence.
The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate is mounted on the driver-s side of the instrument panel and is visible through the windshield.

Car Radios (Dorchester) Ltd - Tow Bar Vehicle Weight guide, knowing what your car or vehicle can legally tow. Details of the towing capacity for your vehicle that are found in the ownera€™s handbook, the manufacturera€™s website and also on other websites should only be taken as a guide. The actual, exact and only towing capacity figure that should be used for your vehicle is the one that is stamped on the Vehicle Identification Number Plate, VIN Plate.
The top figure is the gross vehicle weight, the Maximum Allowable Mass (MAM) of the vehicle including occupants, fuel and payload.
The second figure is the gross train weight, this is the combined maximum allowable mass of the vehicle and trailer.
The manufacturera€™s recommended maximum towing capacity for your vehicle is the gross vehicle weight subtracted from gross train weight.
Certain performance, hybrid and city-car models or similar variants of standard models are not homologated to tow, this means that the vehicle manufacture has deemed that the model is unsuitable for use as a tow vehicle.

If you have any questions relating to towing weight please email us via the contact us page with a photo of your VIN plate.
Please find below a step by step guide that will enable you to determine whether you need the licence or not. The VIN plate will display either 3 or 4 sets of weights, it is these weights that VOSA or the other vehicle authorities use to determine whether your vehicle is towing or being driven within the law. With this type of vehicle the towing capacity will equate to zero or a gross train weight will not be displayed. However if your vehicle is not approved by the manufactor to tow then the second figure may be blank, displayed as 0000Kg or it may equal the weight of the gross vehicle weight.

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