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We can import your Boat, Jet Ski or Outboard motors where there are no import approvals needed but all trailers must have import approvials see info below. Import approvals are needed to import trailers and you will need the seller to send you a copy of the Title and Bill of Sale (tax invoice), this information is to be forwarded to us.
Ask the seller to send you pictures of the VIN, month and year of manufacture and any other pictures you require for your records. Rocket imports and Northcoast Motorsport can offer a Vehicle warranty witch covers mechanical components similar to factory warranty’s over 1,2 or 3 Years.
So living in Mass, I figure I better start now trying to get a title for this truck, cause it's definitely going to take some time. I have searched and searched,but NHTK doesn't seem to make any sense with the decoders I am using. Also VERY good idea on getting the papers in order before you sink a bunch of money into it. That tag is either home made or the product of a state motor vehicle department after they issued a vin due to a motor change. The thing that stands out to me is the rivits holding the tag on are not the proper rivits even for a replacement tag, they should be the hollow center style vs common pop rivits. Normally, when the VIN plate has been tampered with it means the recovery of a stolen vehicle. Like I said in an earlier post, it could be a NH issued plate, if that is the case they would have record of it. I have seen a few old Pa reissued vin tags, and they were just as plain a vauge as the one you have.
Or the next time your in the local doughnut shop and the neighborhood officer friendly is there strike up a conversation and see if he will run it for you.. Gmkid beat me to it, my first thought was a NH assigned because the original vin used the engine number on AD trucks. It might be worthwhile to research NH reassigned vehicle numbers or assigned specific numbers to state owned vehicles. It could be how they did the vin on engine swap vehicles at the time or it could be how they did the vins on repaired totals at the time. In a ideal world it would come back as the state provided serial number on a state owned truck at the time. I've never seen any vin number tag that listed the year and model of the vehicle out along with the vin number like that.
From front to rear: TH-2004R (note dual bellhousing bolt patterns), TH-700R4, unidentified. Garlic bread is a real weakness of mine-there’s something so hard to resist with all of that butter and garlic! I don’t know the Peter Kay sketch either but I do know that I like garlic bread a lot! Sally – ah, thank you ?? I had a play around with the styling on these and was pleased with the pics so really glad you like. Just right now, I’m making homemade bread, and plan to make a garlic cheese bread out of one part.

Navy Blue Kitchen – they are perfect for crowds – I made them for a hungry hoard of cousins last weekend! Hi, I’m Kate, nicknamed at the age of two by a great aunt who noticed my appetite for bread was bigger than I was. For wine, Bistro du Vin offers an affordable wine list  that focuses on wines from terroir-driven producers, wines that has great minerality and freshness that will compliment the dishes on the menu well. This is a 1987-up with the Auxiliary Valve Body its hard to miss the line in the casting running through the cooler lines.
If you are still unsure if it is a non-AUX VB or a AUX VB just pull the pan and you will see the tube running from the pump to the AUX VB or no tube at all.
The Turbo-Hydramatic (TH) 700R4 automatic overdrive transmission was introduced to Chevrolet vehicles in 1981 for the 1982 model year vehicles.
There were also a few changes made to the V-8 model 700 to give it the ability and dependability to be installed into the Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette -- and in certain cases the Corvette version received even more enhancements. Like I stated before the 700R4 was introduced in 1982, this transmission had a 27 spline input shaft, and many cumulative problems and bugs that had given the 700 a reputation that it wasn't reliable or desirable. Without pictures, the 700 can be identified by the oilpan having a rectangular shape being longer front-to-rear than side-to-side and held to the transmission by 16 bolts, 3 bolts front, 3 bolts rear, 5 bolts left side, and 5 bolts right side. The tailshaft housing is held onto the main case by 4 bolts, and from my own experience uses a square-cut o-ring seal, and not a gasket. All versions of the 700R4 transmissions can be affordably rebuilt with stronger components in nearly every area.
The seller will need to send the original Title and Bill of Sale to our US shipping depot via Fedex or UPS.
It is essential we get the trailers manufactures specifications including width, length and weight.
If it is a NW vin this maybe a good thing because to get a vin they had to go thru the title process. It may be a special order state fleet vehicle where a government orders a bunch of special built models but that's just a random thought since I've never seen a tag like that. Some welded on, some pop riveted, some were held on with screws,50 years ago it didn't matter how you affixed them as long as it was on the vehicle. If you do call them, they will not disclose any information as to who the owner is, that will take special paperwork and fees and must be done in person.. The ultimate in comfort food, this simple snack was elevated to superstar status back in 2003 by Bolton-born Peter Kay’s famous sketch. I have been contemplating a good garlic bread for our tradtional crab dinner for Christmas eve. I can only imagine how good garlic bread would taste with home-made baguettes, so I will try it myself and see. We normally have sausages or smoked salmon and ham – nothing too heavy to prepare ourselves for feasting the next day! I love garlic bread but have never made the bread from scratch…just used shop bought loaves.
Try grating a little parmesan into the butter before chilling it for a subtle cheesy flavour.

Desserts will have a hint of indulgence like the Grand Marnier souffle with vanilla ice cream and the wine list focuses on terroir-driven growers, especially from the Burgundy region.
The 2WD had a longer tail-shaft and a housing including a bushing to support it along with containing a speedometer drive housing. It was revised to include many upgrades and changes that changed its reputation a little -- it was given a 30 spline input shaft, many internal redesign modifications and deemed to be a better version. Additionally, shift improver kits are available to provide firmer, quicker shifts -- reducing slippage, heat and clutch wear. A later version of this transmission, the 4L60E, is an electronically controlled variation, utilizing a reluctor ring (similar to that in an ABS application) and magnetic pickup, together called the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). A tracking number must be recorded for both your and our records (if the documents don’t arrive they cannot be tracked without this number). Part of the import approval is to submit all trailer manufactures specifications.  We CAN NOT submit an import application without the above information. GM vintage may be able to help you out if you can't get any info, it costs about $80 to go through them and there is no guarantee they will have the info you want. Since then, it’s become nigh on impossible for people in the UK to pass a packet, produce a plate or merely mention the stuff without some smart arse chipping in with a round of ‘Garlic bread?’ intoned in a slightly nasal Northern accent.
Also those photos look great – did you get a new camera or are you still using the iPhone? Set in an unpretentious bistro decor, with ‘Edith Piaf’ background music, no effort was spared to create the ambience reminiscent of an authentic Parisian bistro. The 4WD version had a much shorter tail-shaft which was to be supported by the adapter and transfer case input shaft bearing, the 4WD speedometer was driven from within the transfer case rear output shaft housing. There are also many styles of torque converters to better configure the transmission for off-road use.
If there is an error in the information supplied, delays can result in Australian customs and this will be at an extra cost to you. Kay may have had his reservations, but there are few things more satisfying than the simple combination of good bread and garlic. The only other difference I have found here is that the torque converter cover (dust cover) for the 4WD version was made of cast aluminum instead of stamped steel or molded plastic, and it used much larger bolts to attach to the transmission, as it also made provisions to attach strut rod reinforcements from a bracket that mounted under the motor mounts to the lower portion of the cast aluminum dust cover. In 1998 the 4L60E was redesigned to include a removable bellhousing and a shorter main case length, along with a 6-bolt tailshaft housing as opposed to the 4-bolt earlier configuration. Reading that sentence back I realize that making my own bread may have made me more than a bit militant, but the difference between this homemade version and the garlic bread you can buy in the shops really is massive, I promise. Yes, it feels amazing (possibly in a slightly smug way) to make the whole thing from scratch.
Just make sure it’s the wider kind, not one of those super-thin baguettes which don’t hold enough butter and tend to get a little dry in the baking.

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