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Hillary Clinton has a very handsome nephew, and the Internet can't seem to stop gushing over his steamy pics.
ET chatted with the eyes behind the lens of those photos, photographer Adina Doria, over the phone on Saturday, who shared all the details (and five never-before-seen pics!) from the Los Angeles shoot. Adina told ET that she and her team planned the shoot with Tyler -- who "Hillary and Bill love so much!" -- over dinner at Dan Tana's, a trendy restaurant in West Hollywood, California, last October.

Tyler, who showed up to the shoot with his father, was an "expert" at coming up with poses on his own.
Seeing as the photo shoot took place nearly a year ago, Adina was caught by "complete surprise" when she found out her photos of Tyler had gone viral following his DNC appearance. Adina is a Los Angeles-based celebrity fashion photographer who's worked with a number of stars, including Janice Dickinson, Mena Suvari, Moby, Eric Roberts, Haley Bennett, Lyle Lettau, Melinda Shankar and YouTube creators KSI and Caspar Lee, stars of the upcoming raunchy comedy, Laid in America.
To hear highlights from her celebratory moment, which included a powerful performance by Katy Perry and a sweet speech from her husband, former president Bill Clinton, watch the video below. Recently, photos of him posing shirtless went viral after viewers caught a glimpse of him during Thursday's Democratic National Convention, and the craze over the resident "DNC NILF," as one fan put it, hasn't stopped since.

His aunt Hillary made history as the first woman to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party, accepting the honor during the DNC.

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