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Please Note: Inquiries with filled in Serial Numbers are usually easier (and quicker) to process.
I just pick up a YZ125 over the weekend and the previous owner told me it was a 2001.BUT buy looking at other bikes I was wondering if it is a 2002 or 2003. This Original R Code Mustang has undergone a complete Ground Up Rotisserie Restoration to factory and MCA specs with very low miles since completion. The previos owner lost the title so all I have is a bill of sale.Is there a web site or something to check the serial number to see what year it is? It retains its complete Original Numbers Matching Drivetrain, which has been fully rebuilt.

The drivetrain includes its Numbers Matching 428 Cobra Jet V8 Engine, Numbers Matching C6 Automatic Transmission, and Original Trac-Loc Ford 9in Rear End. If the words "Numbers Matching Drivetrain" has not already gotten you excited enough, this Mustang is Fully documented with the Original Build Sheet! It's an international digit for year model, in all types of vehicles If the 8th digit back is a 1, the year model is 2001, regardless of production date.
2000 and older stopped at the end of the alphabet (no Z, it can look like a 2), so if it's a Y, it's a 2000, X is 1999, and so on. Excuse my ignorance, but does that mean the VIN # may be the build year or only the model year?

I have to rebuild the motor and haven't found info on the year changes yet, but some of the rebuild kits I have looked at said 98-2000.

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