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The easiest and most reliable way to ensure you're ordering the correct brake rotor is to find the PART NUMBER on the existing rotor (see image). If you're having difficulty determining what brake code you have, measuring the outside diameter of your brake rotor may be necessary. Flip the Audi brake rotor over to its back and measure across to determine the outside diameter. To determine the hat height as listed on our brake kit description (when a hat height qualifier is noted). Presently, the touchscreen infotainment system is available with selective variants of the models such as Baleno, S-Cross, Ertiga and the Vitara Brezza. Get latest and updated information about automobiles on our Google Plus Community Speed Gears.
The motorcycle bill of sale is to be used when an owner has agreed to exchange for monetary funds.
The bill of sale is recommended to be signed in the presence of a notary public for legal purposes. E-Zway Auto Sales is the premier "Buy Here, Pay Here" used car dealership and used truck dealership in North Carolina.
There are a variety of brake rotor sizes, brake codes, hat heights, and brake pad set-ups that can make things a little confusing. Some customers have contacted their dealer with their VIN and requested what brake code corresponds with their vehicle. In most cases, by knowing the OUTSIDE DIAMETER (OD) of your brake rotor you'll be able to determine the correct brake kit.

The touchscreen infotainment system which is available with its major cars is now offering a map update for free that allows more enjoyable driving experience. One needs three utilities like original map data SD card, VIN number and serial number of the SMARTPLAY device in order to initiate the updation. For verification purposes, Blauparts has begun listing the part number on some brake kit product descriptions (when multiple choices exist). Only an authorized Audi Vw dealer can access the bill of material info, which reveals what braking components that where used to build your car and the subsequent brake code. However, sometimes both the rotor's outside diameter (OD) and hat height may be needed (see below). The highest quality Audi brake pads from the nation's leading independent Audi parts specialist.
The file can be downloaded from the carmakers microsite, which at first verifies the 17-digit serial number and thereafter allows the user to access the file. You may have to determine whether you have single piston or twin piston calipers, Girling or ATE?
Please Note: You will only find the OE part number on your 'original equipment' brake rotors. Blauparts is an independent Audi Vw parts specialist and doesn't have access to this bill of material info. Then using a detailed measuring tool, measure the distance from the face of the brake rotor to the hat height gauge. VW and Audi parts, along with creating the most satisfying customer service experience possible.

If you've had your original brake rotors replaced the part number will NOT be on the rotor. Make sure you measure from the innermost edge, the part of the rotor face that is not worn down (see images below). Our positive 'We Care' attitude is reflected in the amount of work that is put into every BLAU® brand repair kit. All trademarks referenced in this website are displayed for identification purposes only and are in no way intended to denote any affiliation with their corresponding owners. Below you will find some suggestions and a few pictures that can help you confirm your brake system. In some cases you'll save up to 60% over retail prices by replacing your Audi brake pads from Blauparts.
Using over 25 years of service experience, we happily assist owners with their repair needs.
Prices, specifications, manufacturers, availability, and special offers are subject to change without notice. For example between the front and rear, the Audi A6 2.8L 30V models may have up to 10 different possible brake systems.

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