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In the mid 1950’s American automobile manufacturers began stamping and casting identifying numbers on cars and their parts. The Date Code showing the date the car was manufactured, follows the Trim Code and consists of two numbers and a letter. The vehicle warranty number is the second line of numbers and letters appearing on the Warranty Plate (Fig.1). The letter following the model year indicates the assembly plant at which the car was manufactured. When we sell body parts and interior parts we always recommend to our customers that they match the paint or trim codes off of their vehicle to the codes from our vehicle. Of course you can paint body parts to match your car, but we know it saves you time and money if you can find a replacement part already painted the right color. If you do not see a sticker here, there is a slight chance it will be found under the hood, but more often than not it means your sticker has either been removed or your vehicle has been re-painted.  You can always call up a Ford dealer and give them your VIN, they should be able to tell you your factory paint color code.
If you look in the bottom left corner of the sticker you will find both the exterior paint code and the interior trim code. The sticker in this ’03 F-350 is in virtually the same exact spot as on the Mustang we saw earlier. On this ’01 Explorer, the sticker is found in the same area of the truck, but in a slightly different spot.

Pretty simple, right?  It’s not all that hard to find the stickers once you know where to look. The only main difference that could potentially be a bit confusing on these older tags is that the code is stamped above the word exterior paint rather than next to it like on the newer ones.  This truck has a paint code of 51.
The next code consisting of two numbers, or a letter and a number, identifies the interior Trim. Here at East Coast Auto Salvage we will always make the effort to help our customers get the right part they need and will provide paint and interior trim codes whenever possible.
Here you can find your vin, vehicle weight ratings, production date, and what we’re after- the paint and trim codes. The code(s) will almost always be right here, although sometimes the sticker will look slightly different (but it’s down here somewhere). It is slightly different because this is a truck so the sticker includes info about the wheelbase and the axles etc.
The obvious purpose was to give an accurate description of the vehicle when mass production numbers were starting to climb in very significant numbers. Do not use the Vehicle Warranty Number on the warranty plate for title or registration purposes. With the door open the sticker will be in plain sight, you should not need to remove any trim pieces.

The trim code is slightly further to the right than the Mustang, but not enough to make it hard to find.
Thank you for reading, and remember if you have any used auto part needs call us up at 1-800-231-9121.  Have a great day!
Research has shown that early Vin’s came in all sorts of variations which depended on the individual manufacturer at that time. This established the fixed VIN system for major vehicle manufacturers as it is known today.
I have outlined the paint code in green, and the trim code in red to make it easier to see. The check digit is used by the manufacturer and government agencies to verify authenticity of the vehicle and official documentation. The algorithm used to determine a check digit is not released to the public for obvious reasons, however the secret has been leaked and the check digit can be calculated.

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