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When someone gets a new car, it is often their pride and joy and they usually choose it as much for the color as any other feature. The easiest way to figure out the exact Ford auto paint colors that were used is to find the color code for the vehicle. Once a driver has the code for their Ford auto paint colors, they should still double check to make sure they have the right color. If the code for the Ford auto paint colors cannot be found on the driver’s side door, there are still options for getting a perfect match. Finding the correct Ford auto paint colors is very important for car owners who are touching up a blemish on their car. All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind.
That is why it is so heartbreaking to come out to the car and find a chip or scratch in the car paint colors. In most cases, it can be found on the driver’s side of the car, either on the edge of the door or in the door jamb.
This is best done by comparing the code to an auto paint color chart, which should have all of the colors listed. Simply call the Ford Company and ask for the paint code that goes along with the particular vehicle.

If they do not find the proper code and get a perfectly matching shade, their car may look worse after the repairs have been made. The car has won multiple ISCA and Super Chevy trophies and has just a few hundred miles since the restoration was completed two years ago. You can pick an angle and peer down the side and you'll agree that you rarely see black cars with body work this nice.
The leather is diamond perforated, high quality stuff and wraps around a custom bench seat that is complete with an arm rest.
The system allows you split gears up and down and also allows a 25% average savings in gas consumption during highway cruising.
When fixing these little blemishes, it is important to make sure that the right Ford auto paint colors are used for a perfect match. Using the chart is the best way to make sure that the driver is getting the color they want and that the auto painting professional orders the correct shade. In order to have the representative accurately look up the paint code, be sure to have the VIN number available. Drivers who want to paint their entire car a new color should not worry about finding the original code since they should be able to paint the car any shade that they choose. Look for the code on the inside of the driver’s door or call Ford to get the correct color.

The rear seat and door panels are finished in the same leather and the rear shelf is custom made to accommodate the roll bars.
For the enthusiast looking for a little extra power, just tap into the nitrous system for some real fun. The Chevelle tracs nicely under full tire spinning throttle and the ride on the street is firm but still nice and smooth. The radiator is an Be Cool aluminum unit with dual electric, thermostatically controlled Spal fans with an optional manual override.
On the highway, you can cruise all day long thanks to the awesome Gear Vendors overdrive transmission. The 'data' sticker in the front of the service book or another sticker stuck to the boot floor under the carpet.Colour and trim code - Your exterior colour and interior trim code is listed on the data sticker (see above for location).
The exterior colour isn't listed as a name which you may know but rather as a code which we can check from.

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