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With its potent engine and stable suspension, the sports touring bike offers more than just a huge amount of riding pleasure.
With an aluminum bridge-type frame, radial brakes, a super sporty tail-up nose-down design, hot colors and the ultimate combination of electronic rider assistance.
The RR includes four riding modes that adjust power delivery, throttle response, Race ABS action and even Dynamic Traction Control (optional equipment).Never before has it been so easy to keep so much power under control.

In order to ensure stability on every country road, the highly active, electronically regulated suspension ASC (Automatic Stability Control) is featured as standard. The RR is a full-blooded racing bike, even though it can be ridden with a number plate attached. A race proven sport bike for the road.HP Race PartsAll-out performance a€“ on and off the racetrackThe gratifying thrill of squeezing every ounce of performance from your machine is a big part of the thrill of owning an S 1000 RR.

The new system saddle bags and the practical top case round off the sports touring bike: perfectly harmonized with the ergonomics and integrated in the motorcycle's overall look as always, they offer a level of travel comfort you would not normally expect of a sports tourer.

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