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The Jaguar AJ-V8 engine was designed to give excellent performance, refinement, economy and low vibration levels.
The whole engine is built from cast aluminium including the cylinder heads, block and bed-plate. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) stamping is located on the right-hand-side of the luggage compartment and a quick reference plate is visible through the left-hand lower corner of the windshield. The VIN and other information are usually displayed on a label located either on the rear edge of the left-hand front door or on the body front-upper cross-member. The VIN stamping is located on the right-hand-side of the luggage compartment and a quick reference plate is visible through the left-hand lower corner of the windshield. The VIN and other information are displayed on a label located on the left-hand “B” pillar above the door striker plate.
During the development phase of this engine Jaguar experimented with V12’s, 5 valves per cylinder and different V angles. We regularly receive requests for help with VIN identification through the various models across the board. So I thought that I would put a thread together showing the various tools that can be used to decode VIN numbers etc.
Here the Xclusively Jaguar site (scroll down the page for links to various models) Shown as a chart.

Jaguar did attach plates with additional information for different markets but the factory Chassis Number on any Series II should be within the ranges shown. Whether seat belts were fitted or not depends on the original market specification of the vehicle.
To ensure the parts that you order are correct for your Jaguar, you will need to know when the vehicle was manufactured. Although the registration document will tell you when it was registered, this may have been some time after it was actually built.
The VIN number contains details about where your vehicle was manufactured, the year of manufacture and also the vehicle specification (see the table above). If you are unsure of any of the above and need help then please contact us and we will guide you through the process. 1964 ford fairlane information specifications resources, 1964 ford fairlane information, 1964 ford fairlane specifications, 1964 ford fairlane resources, 1964 ford fairlane pictures, 1964 ford fairlane photos.
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Some models are fitted with variable valve timing, which was introduced to improve low and high speed performance. I know that a fair few are on the forum but the problem is they are scattered around the place, buried in threads, archives etc.
The Jaguar Series II followed a similar pattern with different letters in the second position.
For instance, mainland Europe required front seat belts to be fitted on new vehicles from 1965 but the UK didn't introduce this requirement until 1968.
The most accurate way to determine your Jaguar's age (along with information relating to its specification) is by the chassis number (also called the VIN - Vehicle Identification Number). A typical VIN number would appear as follows: SAJAH53SO5Y, followed by a 6-figure serial number. The chain driven valve gear has zero valve overlay, which not only reduces hydrocarbon emissions but in conjunction with the variable valve timing gives a smoother idle. Now, as high sulphur petrol has dissapeared from the market, Nikasil may return along with all the benefits of weight and reduced friction.

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