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Rimmerbros says that VIN on frame is "riveted to the bulkhead of the engine compartment near to the vehicle battery" but I don't see it.
Try the lower left corner of the windshield.(as per the picture on lower right of Rimmer information). But I need vin on frame to register it in France, it seems to be on the right side in the boot. I checked a 2004 and a 2005 X350 today and neither had a plate riveted in the trunk by the battery. I checked the Jaguar Service Manual for the X350 and there is no mention of any VIN tag or stamping in the trunk or engine firewall.

I re-read the Rimmer write up and they do NOT say there is any plate riveted in the TRUNK--they mention the "BULKHEAD IN ENGINE COMPARTMENT only. If you check the other Jaguar Vehicles in the RIMMER catalogue they show the same illustrations for S-Type, X-type etc. I checked my S-Type and there is no plated or stamped VIN number by the battery or on the engine compartment firewall.
Not that it will help you, but the last embossed VIN I saw was stamped into the firewall of my 1993 Mazda RX7 Twin Turbo. Visit us at Scottsdale Mercedes Benz Cars of Scottsdale for your Certified Benz car near Scottsdale. I have the following problem: although the light of the rear fog lights switch on the dashboard is on, there isn't any light from the rear fogs.
I am assuming that you have an XJ8 but do not know what year for that reason I am unable to give you the correct oneline wiring diagram for your car.
I do not know if you have the Driver's Handbook for your 1999 XJ8, so I am posting the Fog Lamps how to use page from the Handbook. I think the next step would be to check the wiring going into the fog lights (fog lamp per the Jaguar Wiring Guide PDF file).

The wiring from the rear fog light switch on the dashboard to the rear fog light (lamp) seems first to go to Security and Locking Control Module (located below the trunk fusebox (Pin BT1-9 is the Rear Fog Lamp Supply - Wire color code is UW -Blue with white stripe) - See Fig. There is no need to test the ground for either LH or RH Tail Lamp Units because all of your other rear lights are working (?).
This manual covers all X350s for all markets--France was not specifically identified nor was it excluded.
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