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2016 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130RIDE LONGER WITH YOUR FAMILY WITH MORE VERSATILITYIts many standard features make this watercraft very popular for families looking for a fun day on the water. KYMCO ZX 50Kymco's ZX 50 scooter was their peppy 2-stroke 50cc sports scooter in the early years of their North American presence.
Enjoy the comfort and ease of a Touring Seat and Reboarding Step, and the confidence that comes with our Intelligent Brake and Reverse.iBR (INTELLIGENT BRAKE AND REVERSE SYSTEM)STOP SOONER AND DOCK WITH EASEExclusive to Sea-Doo watercraft.
See ad details, contact the seller or find other Lexus ES 350 vehicles for sale from Metairie in just seconds.
The ZX 50 was part of Kymco's original lineup in the USA when they entered this market in late 2000 and it was also part of the original line up in Canada for the 2005 model year.
The ZX 50 was sold for six years in the USA (2001 - 2006) and three years in Canada (2005 - 2007).

Kymco made a few tweaks with their version of this motor, so many aftermarket parts can be used from the Honda parts scene but not all. For one, the cylinder is angled upward at close to 15 degrees rather than being a true horizontal motor. To go faster still, you’ll need to remove the restriction near the variator which you can read about here.
From here you can start doing performance modifications like lighter rollers, big carbs, exhaust and big bore kits if you want even more speed (and lower fuel economy and reliability).
The ZX50 typically achieves 65-75 mpg under normal use, which translates to a plausible range of 90 miles.Storage & ConvenienceKymco equipped the ZX 50 with a nice glovebox and a moderate amount of space under the seat.
The vertical design of this scooters engine compromises the underseat storage space somewhat, but Kymco did a manage to free up a reasonable amount which comes at the expense of seat height.

The seat of the ZX 50 is 31" off the ground, which is an inch or two higher than the typical 50cc. Compared to those scooters, the ZX50 is less common so the used part market is quite a bit smaller.

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