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At first, we thought this was just going to be a straightforward shootout between Daytona and Superbird, winged Warrior versus winged Warrior, but with one listing being for two cars, makes things more complicated.
This video features one of our readers performing a rather tasty burnout in his AWD Cutlass.
By David Ashton This is an interesting comparision between a Ford Shelby GT350 and the GT350R.
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So let's get it resolved quickly - we are a team of military veterans who are VERY GOOD at logistics and operations.
If the 6th digit from the end i sa 1or2, this should be the right engine.Must check cam sprocket to see if it has one window to the right of the circle and triangle on the sprocket. We get you access to one of the finest High Performance engine shops in the country, featuring state of the art Dyno Equipment, climate controlled clean rooms, and a fully trained staff capable of building any High Performance engine you can dream up. Your engine comes with comprehensive technical & warranty support, as well as a gasket kit for install.
These factors, combined with the aforementioned Purchase Protection give our wholesale customers the EASIEST  and QUICKEST quotes and orders in the business. Just make sure to purchase through us - otherwise YOU COULD BE STUCK PAYING RETAIL.Click to quote your Dream Build? Must check cam sprocket to see if it has three windows to the right of the triangle on the sprocket.

If it was a 70 Super Bee Now thats something else…I just dont care for the coke bottle cars. Moreover, paypal wouldn't let us sell to you if this was a scam .Our other credit card processors would not either.
You are protected by PayPal Buyer Protection and your card (but none of our customers has ever needed it).
I love that color, Its a proven faster car, it comes with a spare Hemi, and for those that know Mopar, Herb McCandless speaks VOLUMES !!

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