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Christy Jones, Collision Repair Concierge, with R Jones Collision 1 has been helping customers through the collision claim process since 2001. It is 17 digits long with a combination of letters and numbers that each has their own meaning that makes it unique for that vehicle.
Reference three, when combined with the first two digits, defines the vehicle’s type or manufacturing division. Reference 9 the “check digit” is used to detect invalid VINs, based on a mathematical formula that was developed by the Department of Transportation. Barr's Insurance is licensed to provide insurance throughout Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, California, Arizona, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Maryland, West Virginia.
Barr's Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency, which means that we can search out the best deals from a plethora of insurance carriers. Cars are among the most expensive consumer goods we buy - and yet manufacturers are not obliged to disclose where they are made.Did you know many ''German'' cars come from Mexico, Slovakia or South Africa? Perhaps they don't because car companies know it to be untrue - they do internal audits every day to compare factory quality around the world and admit all plants aren't created equal.One German manufacturer recently switched the factory source of its vehicles from South Africa back to Germany because of quality concerns. Thata€™s the 17 digit number that is plastered all over your vehicle and is unique to your car only. When combined with the first 2 digits the 3rd number indicates the vehiclea€™s type or manufacturing division. These last six numbers is the production sequence number that each car receives when on the assembly line. Christy, along with her father and uncle, provides an experience that allows the customer to feel comfortable about the collision repair process, by educating them about the repairs, as well as repairing their vehicle in a timely manner, with exceptional customer service. 1Collision Iowa member centers are top-notch collision repair facilities providing superior craftsmanship, cutting-edge repair techniques and outstanding customer service. The below information will explain how to decode your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number. The standardization wasn’t familiarized to VINs until 1981 and earlier vehicles are only a serial number.

References 4-8 describe the car with information such as model, body type, transmission type, and engine code and restraint system. Each automaker has its own set of plant codes.  The last 6 digits (reference 12-17) are the production sequence numbers. It is used by the police if your vehicle is ever stolen and also if you are shopping for a used vehicle, you will use the VIN to run a history report. Our access to more insurance carriers means that you will get the insurance coverage you need at a great price. GM had plans to use fuel-injection in their new vehicles, so the Chevrolet Monte Carlo & El Camino were made to use the last of the Carburators in their warehouse. A Japanese manufacturer did the same after testing the quality of its Thailand plant for nine months.So brands are shifting production to suit their own needs - either to cut costs or improve quality - but consumers are none the wiser.
Last year Thailand became the second-biggest source of vehicles after Japan, sending 160,000 cars our way (valued at $874m according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).However, our export potential is limited because of a special excise on imported vehicles in Thailand. It is affixed to every car, truck or trailer made in or shipped to the United States after 1981. This digit is used to detect invalid VINs based on a mathematical formula that was developed by the Department of Transportation. Over time, more data has been put into VINs but what information is carried in a VIN is primarily left to the decision of the manufacturer. For example, A is for Audi, B is for BMW, G is for General Motors, L is for Lincoln and N is for Nissan.
This is the number each car receives on the assembly line, almost like a social security number to a person.
Barr's Insurance has been in business since 1873, and we have a long history of providing comprehensive personal and commercial insurance programs. The last El Camino rolled off the assembly line in December of 1987, and left-over unsold El Camino's were badged as 1988 models.
So, for example, with our VIN example, we know that this car was the 546,933rd car off of the assembly line.

There have been many variations on the World Manufacturer Identifier as brands have come and gone.
With the example I used with the Pontiac G6, it was the 176,212th car to come off of the assembly line in Lansing, MI.
Canada is 2, Mexico 3, Japan J, South Korea is K, and England S, Germany is W and Sweden of Finland is Y. But details about a vehicle's country of final assembly - as well as the percentage of parts from different countries - are readily available in the US and other countries.Car makers also argue that the country of origin doesn't matter because the quality is the same the world over. Those 17 digits may not mean a whole lot to you, but it means a whole lot to me, especially when one number or letter difference can make a very big difference when ordering parts for your vehicle. Follow these easy steps to get a free car history report when you have the vin on any used automobile. I don't think so.''In the end, consumers don't seem to care enough about where their next set of wheels comes from. The latest new-vehicle sales for the year were released this week and the numbers show that while sales of Australian-built vehicles are holding on, our appetite for cars from far-flung corners of the world is still healthy.Just don't expect them to all speak the same language as their badge will suggest.How local is local? These numbers or letters will vary depending on your car or truck.The tenth position (number or letter) tells you the model year.
Before 1981 the VIN format was not standardized and was different by each car manufacturer.What year was my car really built?
A = 1980 B = 1981 C = 1982 D = 1983 E = 1984 F = 1985 G = 1986 H = 1987 J = 1988 K = 1989 L = 1990 M = 1991 N = 1992 P = 1993 R = 1994 S = 1995 T = 1996 V = 1997 W = 1998 X = 1999 Y = 2000 1 = 2001 2 = 2002 3 = 2003 4 = 2004 5 = 2005 6 = 2006 7 = 2007 8 = 2008 9 = 2009 A = 2010 B = 2011 C = 2012 D = 2013 E = 2014 F = 2015LAST 7 POSITIONS OF VIN NUMBER: The VIN positions (number or letter) of the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth sections tells you information about the vehicle that VIN is assigned to.

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