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Anyone have info on how to decode an Elise VIN number, or what can be determined by the public from the number? There are other bits to the information that i couldn't be bothered adding, but they're the mostly relevant ones.
Not sure, as i've seen 07 exige 's with 3000 + serial numbers, it could be worldwide numbers, or all exige's, all elise's. 05 Lotus Elise - Chrome Orange - No Touring - No LSS - No Hardtop - Lotus Driving Lights - Lotus "Chin Guards" - plain and simple. So it must include more than one models, unless they did sell more than 3000 2007 Exige S 220s worldwide ? I guess the serial number increases independently from the 13-digit model identifier ahead of it! Hence Lotus has ideally for every model, every year a count of at least 240*9999 cars to serialize! Obviously that's far too many cars for Lotus to produce, still it's a nice way to allow serial numbers to develop without a problem! Scouser' porsche vin decoder -, Porsche, vin decoder, porsche vin decoder, porsche vin, porsche vin check, porsche vehicle identification number decoder, porsche 911 vin number decoder.

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In the mid 1950’s American automobile manufacturers began stamping and casting identifying numbers on cars and their parts.
Might come in handy if you are looking for a used car and even to check on some info on the ride you have now. The obvious purpose was to give an accurate description of the vehicle when mass production numbers were starting to climb in very significant numbers. Research has shown that early Vin’s came in all sorts of variations which depended on the individual manufacturer at that time. This established the fixed VIN system for major vehicle manufacturers as it is known today. The check digit is used by the manufacturer and government agencies to verify authenticity of the vehicle and official documentation. The algorithm used to determine a check digit is not released to the public for obvious reasons, however the secret has been leaked and the check digit can be calculated.

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