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It has been in the possession of the current owner since 1999 and has been maintained in top mechanical condition and serviced regularly.
The exhaust system is 4 into 1 with a Megacycle muffler.In the last few years the hydraulic clutch system has been thoroughly overhauled and and all clutch plates replaced. Similarly the original brakes have been replaced with 6 piston calipers and the the master cylinder overhauled.

The suspension system has had progressive rate springs installed in the front forks and the rear monoshock has been rebuilt. A twin headlight YZF 1000 fairing has been installed,together with Tingate handlebars.The electrical system has had attention with the regulator replaced along with one of the coils.
This bike has proven to be a reliable and satisfying machine in the long distance touring role and will make a cost effective purchase for any rider.

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