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Even though it has now been a few days since we learned of the problem, it would seem that some Honda owners are still confused because they are uncertain if they are affected by this recall, and so we thought we would help to makes things a little easier.
Honda Airbag recall VIN check – While we cannot help people affected by this issue in every country, we can for those of you in the US, Canada and the UK. If you are a returning Honda customer, then you can log in, which could make things easier, but failing that, all you need to do is enter your Honda Vehicle Identification Number on the US website and you are good to go. The Vehicle Identification Number tool did go live a few days ago, but shortly after went down again.
We say ongoing because this issue has now been going on for the past 18 months, although this seems an overly bad one, especial when there are now around 15 car brands affected. You will notice that Audi does not appear on that list, this is because Takata do not supply their Airags and is a completely separate recall, as well as the fact it is a software glitch and nothing to do with a faulty inflator. Have you been able to use the NHTSA VIN check search tool yet to see if your model needs to be repaired?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced this week that it has uploaded roughly 34 million vehicle identification numbers (VIN) into the agency’s recall search system, including vehicles impacted by massive Takata airbag recalls that have been issued in recent months by several different major automakers.
Given the large number of recalls and changes to the size and scope of vehicles impacted, the effort is designed to help vehicle owners confirm whether their vehicle may have faulty airbag inflators and encourage them to schedule the necessary repairs. With roughly 34 million vehicles recalled by 11 separate automakers, the Takata airbag recall has proven to be the country’s largest and most complicated recall in history. The Japan based Takata part supplier has come under scrutiny for not supply replacement parts in a timely fashion to dealers and a portion of the vehicles that have been repaired are deemed inadequate by the NHTSA and may still pose rupturing hazards. The NHTSA is acting swiftly to take over control of the Takata recalls, as more recall announcements from automakers are issued. More than 100 injuries have been reported and at least seven deaths, five of which were recorded in the U.S.

NHTSA officials say that their oversight of the recall and repair process will not only structure the repair process in both a timely and anticipated safer manner, but will also allow for the agency to track how many potentially rupturing airbags are still on U.S.
A growing number of Takata airbag inflator lawsuits are being filed nationwide on behalf of individuals who suffered severe injuries from an exploding airbag.
The decision initially only affects at least five class action lawsuits filed in three different federal districts.
Have Your Comments Reviewed by a LawyerProvide additional contact information if you want an attorney to review your comments and contact you about a potential case.
Millions of Vehicles Were Recalled in 2014 Due to Exploding Airbags That Caused Injuries and Deaths. Nexium, Prilosec and other acid reflux drug side effects may increase risk of kidney injury.
Testosterone Gel, Patches, Injections or other Treatments May Cause Heart Attacks, Strokes, Wrongful Death.
Most of these recalls are in the US and Japan, with the rest in the UK and other parts of Europe.
You can enter your VIN in the provided box to lookup your car to see if it is affected by this recall.
This was because they decided to launch an Airbag VIN lookup tool in order for you to see if your vehicle needs to be repaired, which we know Honda has the greatest number of vehicles affected but the Airbag inflator problem.
However, we can happily say the tool is finally live and working, although it still is not stable, as we have been running a few tests of our own and on several occasions the site went back down again.
In addition to the VINs being added to the database, the agency will also provide regular updates on the status of this and other high priority recalls. The airbags can overinflate, bursting and firing metal sharts into the vehicles’ passenger compartments, potentially injuring or killing occupants.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a press release that the Consent Order is a major step forward for public safety and that the agency is taking proactive steps necessary to sure the defective inflators are replaced with safe ones in a timely manner.
Just this month, more than three million more vehicles were recalled by Mazda, Honda and Toyota Motor Corp. All involve similar allegations that design defects caused the airbags to overinflate and rupture.
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ordered all airbag lawsuits against Takata filed in federal courts nationwide to be consolidated under one judge for pretrial proceedings as part of a Takata airbag MDL. District Judge Federico Moreno in the Southern District of Florida to reduce duplicative discovery into common issues, avoid conflicting pretrial rulings from different judges and to serve the convenience of the parties, witnesses and the courts. However, more than 67 other pending actions have been identified in about 20 different districts, which will also be transferred into the Takata airbag MDL, since they raise common allegations of fact and law.
This is surely to be expected, especially when you consider the number of vehicles affected by this new round of recalls to do with the ongoing Airbag saga.
The Takata inflators pose a serious risk of death or injury due to the internal metal components rupturing when the airbag explodes, projecting pieces of shrapnel through the bag at rapid speeds into the cab toward the driver and passengers.
The NHTSA also announced that it is attempting to take legal oversight of the recall in order to organize and prioritize the replacement of the defective airbags.
Reports from first responders have mistaken Takata airbag fatalities as homicides by stabbing and gunshot wounds.

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