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The second number refers to the base Porsche model that the German TUV accepted as it's standard homologation. Early 911 have a homologation TUV base of 911 as the car was mechanically different from the 356.. As for the '356' on the plate, it refers to the "new heating system" which was changed by Porsche with the T6 version of the 356.
In April of 1965 was when the first 912 was built, for the market, to be sold in Europe only.
What I Know About My 912's "Provenance" - Here's a VIN number table I "borrowed" from the 912 Registry website (The 912 Registry).
Basing the annual production of early 912 coupes on the number of VIN numbers assigned, you get a distribution of cars that looks like the following stacked bar chart.
Allan Caldwell's Published Writings - Here's just a sample of Al Caldwell's prolific technical contributions to Porsche community, these articles republished in the PCA's Up-Fixin der Porsche book series are just the tip-of-the-iceberg of all the work he had published over the years for the PCA Pacific NW Region's magazine, Porsche Spiel and the PCA National club magazine, Porsche Panorama. The contents of this website may not be used without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.
No affiliation with or approval of Porsche AG or Porsche Cars North America is intended or implied. A 1967 Karmann 912 has the VIN additionally stamped alongside the shift adjustment access panel at the rear of the tunnel.
All three stamping, smugglers box, dash under radio and trans linkage tunnel seem to evolve over time depending on year and Karmann or Porsche produced cars.
Thx to the folks who posted that link, I wanted to learn more about the rear stamping location. A production number that starts with a zero is a spare body shell (no parts attached when sold) .

Can Porsche or anyone (Karmann?) correlate these ‘Karmann production numbers’ to the VIN? I'm assuming the VIN is stamped under the dash on a 1966 (and probably VIN also in rear tunnel) . Please note that while the 912 was the only body built by Karmann, the various numbers are close. So, If you have a Karmann bodied car, please look in the many locations, record the numbers and send them to me for analysis. It seems the earliest Karmann production bodies got the rear tunnel production number stamping . The good news is you can probably trace the origins from one of the numbers at the transmission adjustment access. For more inspection, take a mirror, some lights and your camera to the back-side of the three numbers. Make yourself something to hold the mirror in place and adjust the light source to get the best views of the back of the number stampings. The car was purchased in November 1965 from Metro Motors here in Seattle by a gentleman named Allan Caldwell, whose address is handwritten on the first page of the service book. For automated search access to the complete Up-Fixin der Porsche technical article index, visit the PCA's Up-Fixin der Porsche index search webpage. I've heard of this happening to some early cars -being overstamped by the factory, but you'd better check it more closely. Now does this car also have a number stamped down in the knee area below the radio opening?
When the Karmann bodies were used for the 911 as well, then the numbers were no longer close since one series of numbers were used for several series of VIN's.

If you have a Reutter bodied car that has the interior stripped out, please look for numbers everywhere and document them for me please.
All we can do is ask people that have totally stripped cars to look for numbers in unusual places, and document it.
This number has no key for the modell of the car, since during production of the body it was not known if it was to be used for a T, E or S (or 912).
The dates stamped on the back of the VDO instruments are consistent with this manufacturing date, however the car was originally a 3-gauge car with the clock and ambient temperature gauge added at the dealer. Early production is a very good thing, too bad it wasn't produced at Porsche's Zuffenhausen facility or it would be even more desirable. I think about bragging rights to the "connoisseur" that these are the cars that were built side-by-side on the same production line with the last 356C cars. He currently owns a 1973 914 2.0 liter and a 2006 997 Coupe, both in yellow of course, as all the other Porsches he's owned over the past 40+ years, for as he put it, "safety reasons." I'm looking very forward to meeting Al in person and showing him the car and hearing more about it! Al and the Pacific Northwest Region of the Porsche Club of America mobilized as the 912 evolved, he and the club undertook many of the factory engineering upgrades to the new 912s on as retrofits in club sponsored tech sessions.
This interest in fixing problems is probably what got Al so involved as a voice for the PCA with authoring so many technical articles for the club publications. Welding a VIN from a crashed RS into a stolen T-model is possible, but also changing the secret numbers is almost impossible. Talk about a series of events that reinforce my desire spare no effort in making this car a jewel again!

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