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As you may well know, Arduino’s analog inputs can be used to measure DC voltage between 0 and 5V (when using the standard 5V analog reference voltage) and this range can be increased by using two resistors to create a voltage divider.
The analog sensor on the Arduino board senses the voltage on the analog pin and converts it into a digital format that can be processed by the microcontroller. The resistor values (R1&R2) in the circuit diagram provide some over-voltage protection then measuring low voltages.
Many thanks to our all of our consignors, bidders, sponsors, exhibitors and fans for making the Inaugural Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun an unprecedented success.
Lot #14 - This El Camino features a 350 crate motor, automatic transmission, posi-traction, power steering, front disc brakes, all new brakes, Conquista trim package, air conditioning, cruise, gauge package, working clock, 7-speaker 500-watt sound system and Grant wood steering wheel. It is a simple digital voltmeter, which can safely measure input dc voltages in 0 to 30V range.

The voltage divider decreases the voltage being measured to within the range of the Arduino analog inputs. Here, we are feeding the input voltage to the analog pin (A0) using a simple voltage divider circuit comprising resistors R1 (100K) and R2 (10K).
It was pro-lowered and has modified lower control arms and short coils in front, short coils and air shocks in rear and Foose wheels.
With the values used in the voltage divider it is possible to feed voltage from 0V to 55V into the Arduino board. No other protection (for voltage spikes, reverse voltages or higher voltages) is incorporated in this circuit!
All body mold, emblems and side marker lights were removed, license and antenna relocated, and it was repainted in factory color.

The junction on the voltage divider network connected to the the Arduino analog pin is equivalent to the input voltage divided by 11, so 55V ? 11 = 5V. In other words, when measuring 55V, the Arduino analog pin will be at its maximum voltage of 5V. So, in practice, it is better to label this voltmeter as “0-30V DVM” to add a safety margin!

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