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The title of this entry I meant to be in the NYC context…but then I saw first photo above and thought that, ironically, it could be employed there as well…would anyone want to mess with one of those Danes, riding perilously through the harsh Copenhagen snow? A few weeks back, perhaps ironically on the day of the Five Boro Bike Tour, I was hit by a taxi!
A better concept of just whom drives the urban cabs in the USA, and where their original orientation to driving came from, might better inform your opinion about your episode. A wannabe-Copenhagener-real-New Yorker's perspective on cycling culture in New York City and what the Big Apple can learn from spending time riding rapt over the bridges of the Danish capital. In the USA urban cabs are quite often driven by immigrants, whereas in DK considerable effort is made to exclude immigrants from meaningful interaction in society. That said, you’re disagreeing with millions of people who believe in the program, years of effort thereon, and many other successful programs around the world. We are over 400 (colonized) years old and the bikes in our new, very successful bike sharing program are blue.

Biking across the harbors of King Christian IV may be just what the City's citizenry should experience in order to see that simply riding a bicycle is all the American metropolis needs to do to upgrade its stagnant transit system. The cars, buses, and pedestrians in the background yield to THEM…not the other way around. I was running an errand on a Saturday, and in fact right before I crossed the last street in front of my home, I had to stop at a light.
Maybe next time use some situational awareness and get the heck out of the way, because NYC stops for no man. It seems that we have a fundamental difference in optimism in terms of both human progress and pure, American cultural change.
Unfortunately, such is not the case in New York…jammed between two pathetic taxi cabs. The taxi next to me decided to run the red light from a stop to make a slow turn…seemingly ignoring the fact that I was in his way.

And if you think Citibike is going to change things you are just being naive, we have tried to civilize NYC over the last 300 years and you think some pretty red bikes are going to do the trick?
After I banged on the window a few more times and dislodged myself from the taxi, I started pedaling away to him rolling down his window and screaming “idiot! With all due respect, your concept of traffic and transit, especially in NYC, is a tad askew…the City is always trying to make the roads safer and improve conditions for all modes of transportation. To simply resign to the fact that the roads of NYC would be as unsafe as the roads in a small foreign country with no pavement, signage, or police activity is just silly. But the fact that a cab would almost run me over and then blame ME for basically *existing* is so telling…and unfortunate.

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