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Sometimes, the biggest obstacle when finding the right part is correctly identifying the vehicle it’s being used on. Information about vehicles including the license number, VIN and title information is part of the public record.
To take a tour of the new license plate lookup feature and discuss how it can help your brand or company, please give us a call (847) 609-9540.
VIN Decoder for Classic and Modern VINs Since 2006 we've been providing free VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoding on American-market cars and trucks.
Information on your car's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), including articles and a link to a VIN record check.
Police said a search of Costa’s vehicle uncovered 137 grams of possession of a stolen vehicle and tampering with a vehicle identification number.
A VIN has all the information you need to identify a vehicle’s construction from the manufacturer to the engine, making it easy to narrow down parts to those that will fit correctly.

This gets even more complicated when automakers make running changes which can mean two vehicles from the same year won’t use the same parts. Check your VIN Number for Free Vehicle History Reports, Salvage Title History and Vehicle Specification.
Unfortunately, it’s also 17 digits long and is placed in locations that make it hard to read. If you try to do your Maryland license plate lookup this way, it will be anything BUT quick and easy!Why?Most of those license plate lookup websites aren’t run by licensed private investigators.
As a result, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is very careful about who gets their hands on it.
In fact, here at Docusearch, we can get the results of your Maryland license plate search to you within one business day or less.
It sounds like a great deal — until you find out about the hidden fees and other surprises that go along with it!Like what?Most of these websites make it cheap (or even free) to type the license plate number into their search box.

Here at Docusearch, it only costs $48 to do a Maryland license plate lookup — and that price covers all of the work from start to finish. In fact, if you’re not a member of law enforcement or a licensed private investigator, you won’t be able to access any of these records! Docusearch December 21, 2015That depends on the state the vehicle is registered as each state charges a different amount.

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