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2013 chevrolet volt review – video, As one observer commented, the chevrolet volt is one of the most politically “charged” cars ever produced. 2015 chevrolet tahoe lt long-term verdict - motor trend, 2015 chevrolet tahoe lt long-term verdict our tahoe proves hard to beat, but order wisely. 2001 chevrolet tahoe specs: 4-door ls fuel economy, Get the most useful fuel economy data and other technical specs for the 2001 chevrolet tahoe 4-door ls. Discover the family of chevy pickup trucks starting with the 2015 silverado 1500 - one of the most powerful 4x4 trucks on the road.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
You might think the F-450 pickup would have a higher maximum payload than the F-350 pickup, but for 2011 that's not the case.
But take a close look at the F-350, where the class-leading payload is limited to one very specific configuration. Finally, let's compare to the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD, which for a brief time had class-leading payload in the three-quarter-ton segment.
It's a bit embarrassing just to be posting on the same site as some of you, but here it goes. The sales stats , at least until the economy crunch had GM selling approx 800,000 silverado platform trucks to about 750,000 f-150.
Who cares who sells the most of anything, is the caravan better than the odyssey, is the cobalt better than the golf? The GM payload numbers aren't showing both the gas and diesel payloads - where are their diesel payloads??? Do you think that the weight difference between the 6.2L 16 Valve V8 vs the 6.8L 30 Valve V10 played a huge roll? Also, I had a '97 F-150 that threw a rod at 75k miles, and I know a handful of other guys who have had the similar issues. After all your loud mouth posts, no one on this site will ever listen to you even if you had something meaningful to say.

Well as far as the clip goes of the Chevy breaking the tie rods, it obviously is not stock, and is also running larger wheels and tires than stock. I guess everyone will have to wait till the HD truck shoot out again, oh and I believe that GM won it the last time. Ford does not have anything to do with the tech's mistake, but you would think that the design of the spark plugs would not require removal of the top end of the engine to service (as in many cases), and not require specific tooling to change the spark plugs themselves. I am a fan of the new GMs, but I do not go on article after article and bash Ford and Dodge just because of the name. Hey Frank why don't you do us all us ford drivers a favour and quit posting on this site. The numbers are best in class in most areas, but we're going to look past the dazzling figures at some interesting relative comparisons. Ford reduced the F-450's gross vehicle weight rating from 14,500 pounds in 2010 to 13,050 for 2011, decreasing maximum payload from 6,180 pounds to 4,920 pounds (highlighted in orange). So keep braggin on how many years f-150 leads sales list and let everybody know it only takes a simple mike rowe commercial to provide the average armchair expert their facts. I'm looking for something that I can work on, that is reliable and that can tow whatever I want. I drive A ford and enjoy it but you are making ford guys look bad with your childish comments about other trucks other than ford. These shootouts are very inacurate, and cannot even test fuel economy with the regeneration process involved with new diesel engines ( one truck might have not even regenerated at all in the short shootout times and thus show better fuel economy).
We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post. The move is aimed at improving fuel economy by using new frame components and lighter axles. However, the same configuration in four-wheel drive with the 6.7-liter diesel is rated at 5,230 pounds (highlighted in yellow) - 1,290 pounds less. The closest we can get to the 2011 payload number is 5,690 pounds at 12,000 pounds GVWR in two-wheel drive and 5,460 pounds at 12,200 pounds GVWR in four-wheel drive.

Other than routine maintenance and a trans rebuild at 200K (which I did myself), the truck runs great. Nor can they test cost of running these new diesels with the Cummins not having to even use Urea Fliud to meet emission requirements therefore the Ford and Duramax will be more costly to run and maintain. Adding four-wheel drive in similar DRW configurations subtracts 300 to 400 pounds from the maximum payload. The first is that the GM HD pickups have a 6,000-pounds-plus payload rating for every cab configuration.
And no, I don’t let anyone else but myself work on my truck, so your argument that they aren’t as easy to work on doesn’t really fly.
The reason my Cummins gets 2 mpg better mileage than my Duramax is because the D-max regenerates every 400-450 kms and my Cummins coes 650 to 700 kms before regenerating. So now i live and work on a ranch in eastern montana, have been all my life and let me tell you something. Taking into account the extra weight of the diesel and urea SCR system could account for another 300 to 400 pounds or so. The second is the spread is much narrower between the largest GM number and smallest -- 6,335 pounds versus 5,905 pounds. I also have a '99 Silverado that i do all the work on as well so age and model year isn’t a factor here.
Why are you so threatened by GM, is it because your ford(if you can even drive) is giving you troubles?
It out tows both trucks and if it breaks I usually find the right part for a reasonable price at most parts stores in the nearest town which is 78 miles away or i can just make my own and it usually is stronger than stock if I do that.

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