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Vin Diesel (we actually mean Dominic Toretto) probably finds the cabin of any classic Dodge Charger as some sort of second home, so it shouldn't surprise you to see yet another one of these Mopar machines being put to work for the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, which is scheduled to land in April 2017.
Called the Ice Charger, the Dodge, whose appearance has been nothing short of an opinion splitter, has been recently caught on camera while being unloaded from a trailer on the movie set (no, we don't know the location).
Universal Studios are well aware of the series' age, which is why the company has seriously upped the ante on all fronts for the upcoming release.

This beautiful multi-award winning Vicky Street Rod caught the attention of John Hendricks, who placed it in his private collection at the Colorado Gateway Museum. 8 will see the action moving from California to New York, while much of the filming is taking place over in Cuba. Oh, and let's not forget Iceland - slippery drifting will seem only normal in this motion picture.

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