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The California Department of Motor Vehicles is reminding residents that the vehicle license fee portion of your payment is tax deductible -- but it is the only part of your annual vehicle registration payment that may be deducted on your income tax. Make sure your VIN number is a 17-character letter-and-digit code that never includes letters I, O, Q!
Use travel trailer VIN decoder or contact your trailer manufacturer’s dealership to get factory specs for the VIN and make sure the actual trailer specifications match factory specs encoded in your VIN. Check with NMVTIS, they offer the basic title, theft and odometer tampering history reports (whenever available or applicable). Pretty much depends on where you search for one, what’s your purpose and how much information will satisfy you. As was said above, you could try your luck with Carfax VIN search if you have a motorhome and not a pull-behind trailer.

Finding a VIN on a trailer may also be a trick, and you’ll have to do the search to make sure the VIN is genuine and matching the one provided by the owner. Typically, they don’t offer trailer reports but occasionally non-standard vehicle data gets into their database.
Just make sure they have you VIN listed before you pay, checking the listing is free with most online services.
What you’ll get for free is the number of records and whether or not the trailer is listed as a lemon aka manufacturer buyback. Unfortunately, faking VIN numbers is a very common procedure among criminals making money from selling stolen vehicle, although it’s less common for trailers than for cars and SUVs. For this reason VIN identity check is an obligatory procedure when titling a vehicle in any state.

Autocheck specializes on cars and SUVs and just like Carfax will only show for free how many records they have. For a pull-behind trailer it’s on top or the bottom the right side of the the tongue or rail, the metal bars used to attach the trailer to the motor vehicle. Some information, such presence of a theft history, may be given out for free, provided that your don’t need a written certificate or any other official paper.

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