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A new release date has been set for "Fast & Furious 7," following a delay in production due to actor Paul Walker's death last month.
Star Vin Diesel announced on Facebook Sunday night that the seventh installment of the franchise will be released April 10th 2015.
The seventh film in one of the most successful franchises in movie history began shooting in September and was planned to resume Dec. No word yet on how the series will handle Walker's death, who was set to reprise his role as Brian O'Connor, undercover cop and federal agent turned wanted criminal.
30 while on break from shooting "Fast & Furious 7." Universal halted production days later, leaving the franchise's future uncertain.
So, to get the bike on the road, he went with 1973.Given its age and the state it was in, the Enfield 350 needed a full, bare-bones strip down.

Which started with a total rebuild of the engine using all-new, original Royal Enfield parts.
A completely new top-end sorted out poor compression—”A combo of a bad cylinder and even worse valves,” Chris reports. Every nut and bolt on the Enfield was replaced, along with a host of other parts—except for the fuel tank, fenders and toolboxes, which Chris opted to keep. He blasted off the old paint and powder coated them in a creamy Oyster white, along with the frame. Our friends at Works Performance made us a custom stainless swingarm bolt with tapered aluminum spacers, to fit the funky taper of the rear foot peg holes.”Works also supplied a set of longer, dual-rate aluminum shocks to help the Enfield negotiate urban potholes. With the major work out of the way, Chris started poring over the smaller details: a handmade seat, grips and saddle bags in a rich leather with a cream stitch.

All the aluminum bits were then meticulously polished, “to bring back the original luster that was buried under years of oxidization and corrosion.”The Enfield was then re-wired with updated components—including a smaller regulator and rectifier unit, and a new coil.
Chris installed new gauges, lights and a set of “M” bars—with adjustable steering stops to prevent them from connecting with the tank.

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