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Preprinted Do it Yourself etch kit utilizes Insta Etch high resolution stencils, plus safe & easy etching cream. Insta Etch is a leader in glass etching supplies, window etching kits, and anti theft car protection industries. Insta Etch has patented a permanent process to mark high resolution logos, VIN, serial numbers or even barcode to any glass with speed and ease. Design & print stencils and complete the etch right from the palm of your hand, completely mobile. Most people know that they can lower their auto insurance premiums by driving safely and avoiding accidents.
Thieves may be less likely to steal vehicles that have VINs prominently displayed in permanent areas. Having the VIN etched into the vehicle also prevents VIN theft, which means your vehicle will never be a total loss due to loss of its VIN alone.
As a passive defense against auto theft, VIN etching may not save a substantial percentage off the cost of your auto insurance. If you’re looking for ways to save money on auto insurance, you can always contact the insurance company to see what discount programs are available to you. Includes mobile stencil printer & enough glass etching supplies for 80-120 high resolution permanent marks.
Our patented glass etching equipment and vin etch supply inventory includes numerous, high resolution, mobile stencil printer etching machines, etch stencil sheets & rolls and etch cream. Based in Phoenix Arizona since 2008, Insta Etcha€™s wireless printers instantly produce precise glass etching stencils from the palm of your hand and can permanently etch glass for security, branding and production requirements.

However, they may not realize that there are numerous other ways to save money on auto insurance.
Whenever an individual reports the vehicle as being stolen, the police will take note of the VIN. Instead of simply placing a sticker or decal on the vehicle, the VIN is etched into the glass of the window, the metal of the frame, the engine components or some other part of the vehicle.
Whenever a person buys a new car from a dealership, the option to add VIN etching is often included for free or a very low price. It will probably not lead to the same size of discount as installing a car alarm or other active anti-theft device, for example. If you live in an area where vehicle theft is very common, anti-theft measures will have a higher effect on your rates than if you’re insured in an area where theft is not a major concern. Be sure to ask for an estimate of how much you can save by getting a VIN etching, car alarm or other anti-theft devices.
We do promise unbleased opinions and you can bet we love the insurance industy about as much as you do.
Utilizing completely portable and handheld digital printers, users are able to print custom etch stencils in the field, on a production line or even at home and safely mark glass with speed and ease using our permanent and proven glass etch cream.
Furthering its impact on the parts marking industry, Insta Etch also has numerous other options including ultraviolet headlight & taillight marking, mirror etching and permanent vehicle body labels. By taking steps to make a vehicle safer or less likely to be stolen, an insured can reduce the cost of a policy and also reduce the vehicle’s chance of being involved in a claim. Whenever a person buys a new car, he or she is able to look up the VIN and see if the vehicle has been involved in accidents or other situations; this is only possible because the VIN is unique to that particular car.

If a vehicle with that VIN appears for sale or elsewhere, the police can easily identify it as the stolen car. Removing a VIN sticker is easy, and while it is sometimes possible to obtain a new VIN for a car without identification, it’s not very common.
A person is also able to pay for VIN etching after purchasing a vehicle, although the price may be somewhat higher. Nevertheless, VIN etching is affordable and permanent, and the savings can add up throughout the life of the car. By protecting your car against theft, you not only save money on insurance, you also prevent the frustration of a stolen vehicle, and that’s well worth the price.
Our professional glass etching kits were designed for use by glass shops, car dealerships and dealer groups, international auto manufacturers as well as insurance companies and municipalities to use for anti theft vehicle marking, as a profitable marketing & add-on revenue stream, or even for numerous specialty and craft projects. More often, a car recovered without a VIN is considered to be a total loss, regardless of whether it has any damage. Ideally, an insured should apply multiple types of protection to a vehicle to safeguard it against theft and accidents.
Insta Etch also offers permanent parts labels, metal and ultraviolet UV marking chemicals that are simply used in conjunction with our patented stencil printers.

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