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The bald actor looks like he’s going to be extremely busy for the next year or two, with Fast and Furious 8 being planned, as well as a screen shot recently hitting the internet reportedly coming from the third xXx film. After Chronicles of Riddick, Vin made it clear he wasn’t close to giving up on the villain-turned-vigilante Richard P. In recent years, the film simply named Riddick hit theaters and reminded us that Vin Diesel can still pull off the role of the Furian survivor. It was revealed in a live video stream in which Vin introduced Riddick helmsman David Twohy (at around the 5:30 mark) to nearly 200,000 viewers, as reported by Coming Soon.
David Twohy confirmed it will be an R-rated film, meaning there will be strong language and possibly blood and gore, keeping the feeling that the Riddick series is known for. In addition to the news of Riddick 4, officially titled Furia, being announced, there will also be a TV spin-off called Merc City. With Vin Diesel’s R-rated Riddick firmly on the horizon, what has he got in store for us next? According to Deadline, Vin Diesel is currently in early talks to star in the film which is set to be directed by Breck Eisner for Summit Entertainment.

The Last Witch Hunter is penned by Cory Goodman, who’s script made the 2010 Black List.
Actress Nathalie Emmanuel arrives at the premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Riddick' at Mann Village Theatre on August 28, 2013 in Westwood, California. In 2000, he’d starred in the science fiction action film Pitch Black, a movie that proved Vin Diesel to be a major player in Hollywood. Jackson, which attempted to take the spy franchise and give it a modern extreme sports mentality. Now the official news is that Riddick 4 will be named Furia, a movie most likely set on his home planet. Following in the footsteps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it appears Riddick is possibly taking the small screen route unless it will be about others in the universe. Well, it appears as if he may be tackling witches in Breck Eisner’s (The Crazies) The Last Witch Hunter. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges.

This is not to be confused with the Oscar-nominated Mad Max film with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. In 2001, he’d been cast as one of the leads in The Fast and the Furious, a film which shares its title with one released in 1955, but not much more than that.
That film had spawned a sequel starring Ice Cube, and an upcoming film where Xander Cage apparently reveals he didn’t die after all. It actually had more in common with the Patrick Swayze film Point Break but was successful enough to earn what is coming up on seven sequels now.

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