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I’m really enjoying writing these Angry Issues posts and I want to thank you all for your input and comments. Nowadays in Hollywood, it seems more and more actors are in incredible shape and look like true fitness junkies.
And let’s not forget the ladies – Mila Jovovich for example – or going back to the 90’s, Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 and Demi Moore in GI Jane.
As one woman explained to me – “You guys get bigger for each other, it’s like a pissing contest between all of you”. I think that the lean, hard and defined look that a lot of us are striving for actually drives away potential mates. Of course that’s not to say that muscular bodies aren’t attractive, and that if you’re jacked up you won’t find a partner. As for the ladies, when your body starts looking more male than female, you may have taken it a bit too far. Katherine, November 15, 2011Log in to ReplyI think it's just a matter of preference just like guys prefer blonds or brunettes.
Lavanya, November 15, 2011Log in to ReplyI personally do not like totally jacked up physiques on men or women. Sarah Spencer, November 15, 2011Log in to ReplyI have to say in a male, Ryan Reynolds in his Blade Trinity physique is what I like. Iva, November 15, 2011Log in to ReplyI like men who have the V-shape and yes, I have to say that too big muscles are not sexy.

On the other hand it makes me smile when I see men with (as you mentioned in one of your post) the spaghetti legs - biiig upper body and tiny lower body. I love reading your feedback as we debate some of the big health and fitness issues of the day. Ryan Reynolds comes to mind – this summer he was the Green Lantern, but as the vampire slayer in Blade 3 he was truly jacked.
In 2005 I competed in and won the heavyweight division of a local amateur bodybuilding organization. She went on to explain that women like men who look athletic and toned, and at least to her, the big bulky bodybuilder look wasn’t attractive. But again, I can’t and won’t criticize anyone for how they like to look or train – whatever works for you!
I don't care too much if a guy is totally ripped, he just has to feel firm (does that sound weird?). I don't like the veins but a guy flexing his arms wearing a speedo suit is very appealing to me. Then there are even bigger guys like Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Vin Diesel, star of Fast 5.
And I must admit, I heard comments like that for weeks following my return to exercise, from women and men.
Recently I had a woman post one of my articles as a link on her site, and she prefaced it to her readers with a comment saying, “Don’t let his look turn you off” -and trust me, I’m not that big!

For guys, I think when you aren’t able to put your arms down at your sides, walk funny from monster legs, or lose your neckline because your traps are huge, those are signs maybe you’re a bit TOO big. And how about muscles on men AND women – is there a double standards there… comment away everyone! Course, in a dream Brad Pitt from the movie Snatch is by far the epitome of all the good coming together or Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing. However soon after reaching that pinnacle, I ruptured my C7 disk, had subsequent surgery, and couldn’t workout for nearly 8 months.
Like you said, what people want to look like is their own business and if they want to train for it, go ahead! Now if I were younger, I might look at a female bodybuilder with really big muscles and say, "Wow, she put a lot of work to look like that, she must love to workout." Nowadays for both male and female, there's a limit.
I have shown pictures of Zuzana Light to my hubby and told him what he thought about her physique, he said that wasn't attractive. I was in shock, after all for all those years I literally was trying to get as big as I could, but after taking a hiatus for few months I apparently looked better?
To me, muscle equates to being strong and actually caring about what you eat and how you take care of yourself.

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