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Throughout his action packed career on the big screen, Vin Diesel has gotten behind the wheel of some epic and iconic vehicles.
In a post on Jada Toys' Instagram page, we get a look at the modified and armored Dodge Charger which Diesel will be zipping around in in next summer's installment of the now 15-year-old franchise.
The Fast & Furious franchise continues to push the limits of what its characters and their insane vehicles can do.

Diesel stars in the sequel alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Charlize Theron, Kurt Russell, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Eva Mendes, and more.
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The jet-powered engine is installed to the car because the only way for Diesel's Dominic Toretto character to navigate the frozen arctic tundra is by boasting such ferocious power.

Last year, we watched Dom jump an Audi from one skyscraper to another and a bunch of cars drop out of a plan.

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