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Most fans of the Fast and Furious series would happily admit to their surprise that what seemed like a fun action movie with a ridiculous sequel has now blossomed into a beloved action series. Interestingly enough, while this character study technically begins with the original The Fast and the Furious film’s introduction to Dom and his underworld of car racing, Lin’s devotion to Dom and his code, begins in Tokyo Drift, a film where Dom appears on screen for less than one minute. Han’s statement is pure Toretto, a truth that carries through to Tokyo’s conclusion when Dom appears in the name of his friendship to Han.
Like a resounding chorus, Dom’s code prevails throughout the film’s next installments, further insisting that Lin always saw these movies – despite the clamor of their explosive collisions and screeching tires – as a vehicle for telling Dom’s story. The code Dom fashions for himself isn’t about winning races (though that plays a role) or about making money (though it also plays a role). Rewatching the first Furious film, it’s hard to imagine any other story this series could have told, and it’s obvious that Lin watched that film through a fan’s eyes. Whether or not every film lover identifies with Dom and his makeshift but forever bound-together family, it’s hard to argue that these films revolve around machines or action sequences, when a character and his code have served the story in such a prevalent way.
This ultra Road Runner is featured in two Fast & Furious flicks: in last 45 seconds of Tokyo Drift and in fourth movie as well.

With the sixth installment of the 'Fast & Furious' action franchise hitting theaters May 24, test how much you know about the series with ETonline's Summer Movie Guide quiz. One person who probably isn’t surprised, is Justin Lin, who took over the series’ direction with Tokyo Drift and carried it through Fast & Furious 6. Fans are likely to receive the big picture of this scene in Friday’s newest installment, but even without the full background in Tokyo, Lin sets up the idea that when you’re part of Dom’s family, you’re in for life. Like other Bryonic heroes, Dom exists on the other side of the law with a code that might not live up to the code of regular society or government.
His code is about the wisdom needed to determine who can join his family, and the decisions he must make to support his network of family.
Aside from the genius of making cars interact with every other mode of transportation possible (Planes, Trains, and What?), adding a WWE fighter, and then adding a UFC fighter to the cast, Lin’s genius was in recognizing what fans of the first film, like himself, saw. Furious films may never receive an Oscar nomination as their star dreams (though the films may eventually star an Oscar nominee if they continue), but when stripped of all the action and glamour of a blockbuster, it’s hard to deny that the series has endured because it is driven by an enduring character, not just a fast concept. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

From the instant Lin was at the helm, he clearly intended for the series to become more than extraordinary racing sequences, and for it to endure as a character study of Dominic Torreto. This tenuous tie to what is “right” defines Byronic Heroes, and it’s this unusual and creative code that makes Dom (and most other Byronic heroes) so appealing as a character.
They saw a goofy outsider (Brian O’Conner) long for inclusion in a family to which he generally wouldn’t belong. Han’s value of integrity is one that Dom represented throughout the first film as he taught Brian O’Conner, who quickly recognized his own desire to be a part of Dom’s family and to be surrounded by “trust and character” as supreme (even over his career). And then they saw a young man with what begins as a simple code, pushed to the limits of how to define family and trust. When Lin has Han preach Dom’s code to Tokyo’s Sean Boswell, Lin isn’t just expanding the Furious universe to another part of the world and a new set of characters; Lin is insisting that character is what drives his series, rather than daring and apparently ageless precision drivers.

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