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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, right before the race against Vin Diesel, the two cars are placed very close, within a foot or two of each other.
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Just this past week we were treated to the first of numerous upcoming Trailers for the new installment in the Fast and Furious series of movies, this one being Furious 7, staring Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker, both of which have brought this series from a showcase for street racing and the vehicles that and culture that are involved into a 7 movie multi-billion dollar franchise that rivals the greatest of action movies. I already can see a few cars I hope Hot Wheels brings into an upcoming line-up of cars that I’ll be keeping my eye out for. The next one in the set is Brian’s Toyota Supra that he raced against Dom in that same final quarter mile. Hot Wheels had released a version of this last year as well, but this one features more details and a better graphic display on the side. Third in the series we have now moved onto the sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious, this featured Brian as the main lead, but did introduce Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) into the series. This is another great vehicle in this series, and yet a more toned down graphically vehicle, but this is also the end of seeing the more decked out vehicles, and the series really got back more to the base car and not the flash, but this is one of the best of the film, but Tej and Roman have some great rides in the movie which would be great to see as well. I love this car, the Ford Mustang has always been my holy grail of a car that one day I shall own, sure I’ve got plenty of toy and remote control versions of it, but one day I shall be behind the wheel of it, and until that day comes here is another tease of a car for me to cherish.
Here is the first in the series featuring a villain car, this was driven by Felix in the fourth movie in the series, the one that brought back the original cast again for another ride.

This wouldn’t be my big pick from the film as the one to represent it, but I think it really is done well, but overall is my least favorite in the series that Hot Wheels has done, but they all can’t be perfect can they?
Here we have the Dodge Challenger which was featured in the end of Fast Five, driven by Dom when Brian challenges him to a race, that was finished in the beginning of Fast 6. This is a great little vehicle and representation of the car, I like the decal application and overall look of the car, but I am a bigger fan of the flashier vehicles in the series and so this is great, but not at the top of my list. Here is another car from Fast Five, and this is the only one done in a Matte finish and really looks amazing.
This car no matter it’s simplicity in paint just looks vicious with that high spoiler, which was used on the Daytona version of the car. Anyone trying to keep the timeline and pink slips of the Fast & Furious universe straight will have their head explode with this car. At the very end of the third Fast & Furious movie (Tokyo Drift), Dominic Toretto shows up in "Hammer," the well-known 1970 Plymouth Road Runner built by Steve Strope's Pure Vision Design in Simi Valley, California. In Tokyo Drift the real, exquisitely detailed, perfectly painted, hugely valuable Hammer was used as Dom's ride.
The picture car department built three Hammer clones using two 1970 Plymouth Satellites and one actual Road Runner. A couple of shots later, right before the girlfriend says 'Go.', the cars are a couple of feet further apart, even though they haven't yet started the race. He had worked on it throughout the film only to use it in the end against Brian in the final quarter mile race out of town.

This was the vehicle that Dom, Brian and team worked on throughout the second half of the movie after Brian ruined the car he owed Dom and this was so Brian could race and payback Dom for the 10-second car he lost. I do hope they continue to bring these cars with the more stylized graphics out as they’ve always been show stoppers for the series and Hot Wheels did an amazing job on this one. This was the car that Felix used in the US-Mexico boarder run, but also was used in the accident that caused Letty’s death that brought Brian and Dom together again. This was the vehicle that both Dom and Brian had at the end of the film for moving the safe filled with the money. In the few lines of dialogue Toretto speaks, he explains he got the car from his friend "Han," who had been killed earlier in the movie. However, since Hammer was going to be, well, hammered, in Fast & Furious, the production car department decided to build replicas. Unlike the original Hammer, which is a pillarless hardtop, the three replicas were based on two-doors with pillars.
Yes, you are right it is the Tokyo Drift`s Ford Mustang that appears at the end and settles everything. Even tho it has that base Matte finish this is an amazing car, and has some of the best point application for the minor details of the head and tail lights and symbols.

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