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If I find another VIN with the same WMI (5TD) and the same vehicle attributes (DKRFH), but the year and plant code are different, will that always still be the same make and model? If everything stayed the same between two years (make, model, engine, options, origin, etc), you can expect that the only thing which would change between the two years is the 10th digit (year) and the last six which indicates the serial number of the vehicle. This standard is covered under ISO 3833, but there are other competing standards throughout the world.
Is WMI (world manufacturer id) + VDS (vehicle descriptor section) enough to identify the make & model, or is it necessary to include the model year also?
If you know a certain vehicle is a Toyota and you take the last eight to the dealership and ask them questions, they should be able to identify it with this information alone (they will cross reference the last eight with their database to see the whole picture of the vehicle in question).
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To consign items please call Troy at 989-666-6339, Eric at 989-666-0664, Doug at 517-749-7976, Jason at 517-256-3427 or Theresa at 989-666-4964.
Items located at owners residence need to paid for at the Owosso office prior to picking up items. Items dropped off the week before the sale end date will be featured on the following month sale.
Inspections welcomed during posted drop off times, the day before the sale ends from 9:00 am - 2pm, or by appointment. Items left more than 7 days after the scheduled load out will be subject to a $5.00 per day storage fee. To consign items please call 989-720-SELL, Troy Crowe at 989-666-6339 or Eric Bannan at 989-666-0664. Home Forums Rules Today's Posts Search Forum Quick Jump Porsche Ferrari Lamborghini British Supercars BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi USA Asia General Auto Marine Lifestyle Marketplace Global Chapters Remember Me? All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. Although, if a vehicle manufacturer wants to sell their vehicle in the United States, they will conform to ISO 3833.
In most cases the plant code will be the same amongst cars with the same vehicle attributes, because it becomes a lot more expensive for an auto manufacturer to have two plants rolling out the same cars.

For example, for North America the first three digits are the world manufacturer identifier, the ninth digit indicates the model year, and the vehicle attributes are always in positions 4-8. Follow the lined blacktop driveway to a stunning builder owned home that has a large parking area and 4 out buildings located behind it complete with offices and a heated wash bay in one of the barns. All items are sold AS IS without warranty and subject to seller acceptance or rejection of the high bid.
The question is if the combination from 1-8 are unique for a model, or if they could indicate another model in a different year. The difference here would be, there would be a change in the first letter of the VIN as well as the plant being different. Please read all the terms of this auction carefully and personally inspect all vehicles before bidding. All vehicles must be paid for, with certified funds, within 48 hours of the auction end time.

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