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Only a handful of Estates were known on major marketpaces since before the Second World War. In greater Burgundy there are 10,000 growers sharing 100,000 acres and 100 or so appellations . This Bourgogne Blanc comes from parcels situated exclusively within the Meursault commune and bordering the land classified as Appellation Meursault Villages. Its character is very close to that of a Meursault Villages and it goes well with delicate starters and foie gras.
For I am convinced that when a conscientious grower cultivates a prime vineyard site and also has a solid grounding in methods of vinification and ageing wine, a more authentic, more characterful wine will result.
The real proliferation of the Estate-bottled phenomenon gained momentum in the mid '70's and 80's. In the early part of that decade the Gulf War and a recession in the West once again sank the market for luxury wines; bulk prices were at a nadir. The vast majority of them are husband-and-wife teams dedicated to their vines and wines: in the vines they are pruning, hand ploughing, and controlling yields by rubbing out double buds and trimming.
We do not claim to know all of them, but we maintain a constant and intimate working relationship with 30 of them.

This created new marketing opportunities for the contemporary generation of young, enthusiastic vignerons who hitherto had no other outlet for their wares.
The same attention and care are deployed in the cellar to ensure the wines are nurtured and bottled at the right time and in the appropriate way. Having a compact number of suppliers means we can taste the wines every 15 days on average.
We are utterly convinced of their quality and their devotion to making the best possible wines they can. As with our Villages and Premiers Crus parcels, the soil is ploughed and partially grassed. The soil here is clay limestone mix with a subsoil of gravel and the whole parcel is grassed.
Through direct contact with ever more sophisticated international and national markets they established regular demand for their wines and ensured price stability.
Vins Divins was able to mount the rising tide of enthousiasm for Domaine-bottlings which had been gathering momentum for some time.
Since every vintage is different, there can be no failsafe recipe for producing fine Burgundy.

We compare the same cask of the same wine as it evolves over time; we compare different casks of the same wine from new barrels and older barrels, as they all have a bearing on the finished wine.
The wine-making and maturing processes are identical to those of our Villages and Premiers Crus wines.
Because the vine roots must now fight for moisture this encourages a natural defence against disease and concentrates the sugars and tannins. Tasting young Burgundy once in January or February - in the immortal words of one of our principal suppliers is like attending a fashion show for unfinished clothes.
I liken it to only being able to see one pixel of a computer screen: it does not give the overall picture.

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