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Our inventory of quality used Volvo 850 parts includes interior (trim code 3950) and exterior body parts -- Head lamps, tail lamps, bumpers, fenders, doors, steering columns, AM-FM radios, cassette players, etc. This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, 101 Performance Projects for Your Porsche Boxster. The mass air flow sensor (MAF) is located inside the engine compartment and is used to measure the amount and temperature of air that is entering the engine at any one time.
You need a T20 tamper proof Torx bit (inset upper left and lower left) to remove the mass air flow sensor from its home in the intake pipe (yellow arrow).
Comments: As I was cleaning my MAF I dropped one of the torx screws do you know what size and length I would need to replace it? Comments: Hi, so i have a 2000 nissan altkma GXE, and i'm having problems with themass air flow system. Comments: I took out my sonsor, cleaned it and saw thet it was missing the wire, i bought a new one and that one had a missing wire too, now is it normal to not have the wire on some models or did i get ripped off by Bosche? Followup from the Pelican Staff: It sounds to me like the car needs to have the fault codes scanned from the ECU. Followup from the Pelican Staff: I can't help without knowing what is missing from the system when you are trying to start it.
If you do not remember the email address associated with your account you can use the contact us tab at the bottom of the page to email us for assistance. Its in the VIN (digits 6 and 7) you likely have a B5244S4 (VIN 38) or possibly a B5244S7 (VIN 39) but I don't think this came out until 2008 so unless your was late in the production run you likely have the first one. Oaao eociaa,ii?aaaeeou aaa iaoiaeony eia e?anee iaoeiu aieuai, VIN Plate, iiia? oaaoa, oaaoa aaoiiiaeey, VOLVO XC90, C70, S70, S80, V70, S40, V40, S30, S40, V50, oaaoa eiiia?ie, ia yoeeaoea, iiia? aaoiiiaeeuiie e?anee, eia, oaaoa, iiia?a e?anie, iacaaiea. It's typically easier to pull the sensor out of the intake tube first, and then disconnect the electrical harness. Was going to order parts, but noticed when I opened engine a rodent had chewed through 2 wires.

Check spark, fuel injector pulse and fuel pressure, volume, quality and engine compression.
My problem with my vehicle is that while I'm driving the car will go dead or shuts off and then it takes 15 or 20 minutes to start-up.
Please sign up or sign in and take part in the conversation with other Volvo owners and enthusiasts. Due to the high volume of emails going out and some service providers blocking them as spam, users have either been getting them late, or not at all. It has been severed by a rodent and I want to reconnect it to the proper place on my 1999 boxster, but not sure where it goes.
Ia€™m not the best with part numbers. Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. With more than 2 million posts our community is one of the most active groups of Volvo owners in the world. If you have not received your password reset email please use the password reset function ?forgot password?. Likewise, Acura and Mercedes-Benz beat Volvo to market with radar-based systems that detect an imminent collision and apply the brakes. Pix attached I can splice the harness wire back together, but I do not know what the wire connection in Pix 2 goes to. I bought a secondhand MAF from a breaker same part number but now the car doesnA?a‚¬a„?t start. Only covered 6,000 miles in last couple of years so putting it in for a minor service next week. Lightly spray the areas shown with the blue arrow with electrical contact cleaner: the one that I recommend is CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. The engine catches, but dies a split second after releasing the key, even if I give it a load of throttle. There are no fault codes using a generic ODB2 cable, and the check engine light isnA?a‚¬a„?t on. The S60 sedan, which led the company into a more contemporary styling direction when introduced, has been redesigned and now echoes the styling seen on other recent Volvo models.

It was fine for a few days, but started acting up again so before i changed it i pushed it in deeper or moved the socket. I disconnected the battery for a minute to reset the ECU after installing the second MAF. IA?a‚¬a„?m planning to order another MAF in case both are faulty. The S80 serves in the role of full-size sedan, though it's not as large as the typical luxury flagship from Germany. Don't touch any of the sensor elements with anything (like your finger or a brush), as this will damage them almost immediately. The C70 retractable-hardtop convertible is a favorite for all-season use, thanks to front-wheel drive, four seats and side airbags that deploy upward for side-impact protection -- rare in a droptop.The V70 wagon has been discontinued, but the XC70, aka the Cross Country, remains on the market. Noaia ?aniiei?aiey yoeeaoee VIN Plate n iiia?ii oaaoa VOLVO XC90, C70, S70, S80, V70, S40, V40, S30, S40, V50. So i changed the socket to another one, it was fine, and then it acted up again, i moved the socket and it was okay for a while and then after bumps or high speeds it would immediately act up again. I've changed most parts, except IAC and throttle position sensor, distributor, catalytic converter, you name it i'll answer. However with the MAF disconnected and the engine at idle I removed the oil filler cap, and there is no vacuum under the cap?
I just wanna know what other steps can i try in order to keep my car idling fine and running fine, i'm spending 10 dollars on gas every day or two trying to figure it out.
1: Locating Engine Identification Codes (4-Cylinder) Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America.

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