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But I now had a real job, at the little tv station in West LA, and I wanted something a bit more comfortable for my bride and myself. I sincerely hope the subject is not too esoteric or obscure; too many Americans harbor a seemingly endless grudge against all those oddball Frenchie cars.
I’m going to focus primarily on the 404 sedan in this CC, which is a plenty meaty subject alone.
The 404 was the next evolutionary step, and although similar in size to the 403, there were some major changes. The 404’s rear axle and suspension though was pretty much a carry-over from the 403, quite unique and equally legendary. I know that worm drives are somewhat less efficient, but are almost impossible to break, no matter how much torque is churned through them.
The torque tube was once quite popular in older American cars, and reminds me more than a bit of Henry Ford’s beloved Model T rear axle arrangement that he held onto through 1948. The 404 got a new version of the Peugeot engine (this picture has soft focus, and that’s not the stock oil bath air cleaner), although it built very much on the experience of the 203 and 403 engines, which all head cast iron blocks and hemi-head aluminum heads (why did this technology elude Detroit for so many decades?). The Peugeot engineers made smooth running a major priority for the 404 engine, paying attention to internal balancing and other details like the intake manifold, which is integrated right into the head. I bought a replacement brush unit for mine, sanded the area where it contacts the pulley, hooked up the wiring to the thermostat, and it worked like a charm.
Anyway, it was a combination of the very long-travel suspension and Peugeot’s superb seats that added up to the most extreme jump possible from the horrible harsh riding A100 van and its lawn-chair seats.
There was also the legendary 404 Injection model, which had the Kugelfischer mechanical injection unit, a true marvel in its own right (details here), as also used on the BMW 2002tii.
And this little gem: its one of four standard mounting bases for the factory roof carrier, net to the sunroof.
I say that because my sedan was a bit tired when I got it; it had led a pretty full life, and was eleven years old, and had well over 100k on it. But Stephanie’s dark-green 1970 wagon was still very youthful, with some 50k on the clock.
Update in 2016: I still have pangs of regret on passing on this one, but what’s life without them?
There will be 404-related articles sprinkled throughout the week, but not too overly concentrated.
I want to say they had heated seats as well…at least that is mostly what my mother remembers about that car. For those looking for cosmic balance, my father replaced his Chevy Citation with a 505, which was one of the best cars he ever had, according to him.
Of all the aspects of automotive design, it has always been suspension design that fascinates me most, and it seems that the most fascinating suspensions are always french. Years ago I thought that Peugeots were relatively conservative with their suspension designs. Thanks for giving attention to an aspect of automotive design that is usually neglected by the automotive press.
The first car I drove legally was the 404 wagon my family got the year we lived in France (the avatar should be that car across the street from our Paris apartment).
My late father bought a new 404 Injection sedan in Montreal in 1966; it was assembled at the SOMA plant at Saint-Bruno in Quebec. When I was old enough, I bought my first 404, a 1967 Coupe Injection, in Vancouver, at the beginning of 1981. I have been a member of the French 404 club since 1983 and now, as their Canadian representative, I am undertaking a worldwide Registry for all remaining 404s. Documentations techniques et tutoriels Cette partie n'est pas un lieu ou l'on demande des tutoriaux, seulement un espace ou l'on en propose.

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Verifier les phares Il est important de verifier le fonctionnement de vos phares.De cette maniere, vous pouvez detecter lequel est deficient. Ce site est independant de la societe Automobiles Peugeot, depositaire de la marque Peugeot. Contatta il venditore- si apre in una nuova finestra o scheda e chiedi il servizio di spedizione per il tuo indirizzo.
Hai letto e accettato i termini e le condizioni - viene aperta una nuova finestra o scheda del Programma di spedizione internazionale. Le spese di importazione precedentemente indicate sono soggette a modifica se aumenti l'importo dell'offerta massima. One day, a friend of Stephanie’s sister was over, and said he needed to sell his 404. And that was about as good a compliment to earn from Germans as it got, back in the day when Mercedes was the paragon of quality.
The 404 arrived in 1960, superseding but not replacing the beloved 403, which continued to be built simultaneously until 1966, at a lower price point.
The front suspension was all new, a long-travel strut which featured the legendary Peugeot-built shock absorbers that not only managed to control the soft springs very well over the worst (African) conditions, but would do it for 100k miles or more in grueling conditions before wearing out. Also a coil-suspended long-travel affair, it featured a solid live axle that used a worm-drive rear differential. The little coil spring off the axle (in the upper picture) is another typical Peugeot quality engineering device, it connects to a load-sensing rear brake proportioning valve, reducing rear brake pressure to the extent that the body is leaning forward, to avoid premature rear wheel lock-up. In the 404, the block was canted to the passenger side, just like Chrysler’s slant six.
Yes, every 404 was still shipped with a folding crank in the trunk, and there’s the hole it goes in. Yes, it was a French obsession, rooted in the terrible roads of yore as well as…some intrinsic cultural quality?
I’m not aware of it being imported to the US, but it made the 404 a pretty hot car for the times, with a solid 100+ mph (160+ kmh) top speed. What those front seat also make clear is what a narrow car the 404 is from today’s perspective. All Peugeots through the 404 had a column mounted shifter for the very sturdy and easy shifting four-speed transmission.
The center screw is removed, and then re-inserted through the carrier’s legs and screwed back into that securely attached base. I got it for $35, because the head gasket on the new-for-1970 1800 cc engine leaked and the cylinders were inundated. Certainly Austrians and German Bavarians are profoundly closer in every cultural trait than German Bavarians and those from Schleswig Holstein or some other Northern German state. I was in Vienna (as we like to call it) for a week a few months ago, staying in the awesome long time family owned Pension Kraml. As a 504 owner I’d love to hear anything you have to say about any Peugeot, more please.
All I remember about it, really, was the funny velor seats and the argument I had with with my mom if it was easier to park frontways or rear.
So sad they went all over cost cutting, electronic trickery and loads of hash-inspired engineering solutions. But the Buick was free and new, I had one baby and another on the way, and and I was too busy to work on Pg anymore. I had recently owned a 504 wagon and was driving along somewhere out in the boonies when I saw a 404 sitting in a field for sale. Between the price being a bit high, and not really having a lot of time for more projects…but it was fun running into it.
In the days before I got my permit, it was a big thrill to get to start the car and warm it up on cold days. But we took the wagon into the mountains in the winter, and I don’t remember exactly, but it seemed to start ok.
Pour ce faire, il vous suffit de les allumer.Vous avez ici l'ampoule du phare gauche de croisement qui est grille. Afin de changer l'ampoule, il est preferable de le demonter.Pour ce faire, enlevez le cache d'etancheite du phare.
Afin de changer l'ampoule, il est necessaire de l'enlever du phare.Pour ce faire, deconnectez-la avant d'enlever l'attache. I am bad about answering my phone so please text or email or leave a message if I am not able to answer. Se sei residente in uno stato membro dell'Unione Europea eccetto il Regno Unito, non puoi recuperare l'IVA per questo oggetto. I was driving a very tired ’68 Dodge A100 van, which I had remodeled (plywood paneling and a bed) and had served me well during the last phase of my rambling days. And many 404s were practically abandoned (to my benefit at the time) because owners and mechanics just weren’t familiar with their little eccentricities. The 403 was a fairly popular import in the fifties, and one with a reputation quickly established for high build quality and  comfortable ride. That may not seem so impressive today, but I seem to remember typical American car shocks getting soft every 30k miles or so, like so many other components back in the day.
The drive shaft is also a torque tube, meaning that there is only one universal joint, where the front of the drive shaft meets the back of the transmission. It was the lack of that device that made GM’s X Body cars such notorious rear-wheel lockers due to their FWD front weight bias. It’s capacity was 1618cc, which seems laughable today for what was a fairly prestigious sedan in Europe.
The 404 was one of the earliest (first?) production engines to incorporate a thermostatic fan clutch. Except on very hot days or really hard running, the fan rarely came on (you could hear it, and feel it too). The Peugeot was not in the same league as the Citroen DS; well no one ever quite challenged it.
And with a sunroof, of course, which was standard on all the 404s, except perhaps the stripper taxi version.

After the Dodge van’s cave-man column shifter, the 404 was a marvel, so delicate, light and easy shifting. And it would reward with an ability to swallow the miles effortlessly in a way that no other car in its size and price class could equal.
Oddly enough, my need for serious speed kicked in a bit later in life; anyway compared to all the Beetles I had owned before the Dodge, the 404 was a speed demon. The much longer wagon had six bases, and I managed to find a NOS wagon roof rack, a huge sturdy galvanized affair that covered the whole roof. After I was given a company car in 1981 (a Buick X-Body Skylark, no less), I sold it for more what I paid. I knew of a good 1600 cc motor in a junk yard for $50, and quick as a wink, it was back in action.
Alex, a student at the UO and his Dad, who once was a Peugeot mechanic found it and got it back on the road four years ago.
I can still remember reading the description in Autocar around 1960 when the car was introduced.They used to have wonderful cut-away drawings in those days. Not exactly in- depth research, but the guy in charge struck me as being more German than any German I ever knew, and I mean that as a compliment, mostly.
There were never many Peugeots in Rock Island, but I remember a gray circa-1985 505 sedan in town for years, always parked in front of the same house. I will be doing a piece on the CCs later this week, but will have to rely on web pictures, unless you send me some…?
Savez-vous que le remplacement des ampoules de phare en plus puissantes est un bon geste assurant votre securite ?
Sachez que l'attache maintien l'ampoule a son socle.Il est conseille d'exercer une legere pression pour enlever la tige qui maintient l'ampoule. Vous pouvez par la suite remettre la tige qui la maintien avant de placer le connecteur.Pour finir, placez le cache d'etancheite de votre phare.
I had it when I met Stephanie, and we had some memorable trips, including a rain-soaked honeymoon in the desert. But the 404 has earned a significant place in history, and not just because I bought one on seeming impulse.
Essentially, the drive shaft is the primary element that locates the rear axle, with two additional support elements angling out from the shaft to the sides of the axle where the coil springs reside. In fact, except for Peugeot’s different approach to key technical solutions, one could really think of this as the C-Class of its time, or a Mercedes 160, if you will.
Inside the pulley is an electro-magnetic clutch, which is activated by a carbon brush that normally would sit inside the hole of that unit (this one is removed).
But the Peugeot was conceptionally the fundamental polar opposite of the hyrdo-pneumatically suspended, braked and steered Goddess, and with the resultant reliability issues. Oh, I forgot that like the Mercedes in Germany, Peugeot sedans were also the default taxis in Paris.
I always used just a couple of fingers, as the stick seemed to just need to be guided a bit in its natural progression through the gears. With the three-speed ZF automatic and the 1600 motor, it was truly a bit leisurely, but always got us to our destination, including way up in the Sierras on rough roads, practically 4×4 type stuff. The Peugeot–on a cold day, like in the 00s, teens or lower 20s, it could take 5 minutes, maybe even 10 to get the thing going. Sachez qu'une fois l'ampoule changee, il est important de verifier si elle marche correctement.
Qu'en est il du calage de la courroire de distrib? est ce qu'elle a autant de "peche" que avant les changement de pompe?? la nouvelle pompe est bien une Lucas?
Stephanie drove a 404 wagon, which is so different from the sedan that it will get its own CC, when I find one. The spring-loaded brush is in constantly contact with the pulley, and energized it like a brush in an electric motor. And not just there too; I remember riding in them in Vienna too, with their noisy throbbing Indenor diesel engine which shared absolutely nothing with the gas engine, including its  rough manners. Well, the Trabi did crib its styling from the 404 and other cars styled by Pininfarina at the time. Ultimately perhaps not quite as fast as a floor stick, it was quick enough, especially since the 404 is not a car that invites a harsh style of driving. The wagon had a substantially longer wheelbase and completely different rear end and suspension: camel-ready, so to speak. Austria was originally purely an arbitrary political creation wayyy back (as you undoubtedly know), and the issue of its existence as an independent state has been a recurring question in more modern times. And to be totally sure, ask if it had a floor shifter or if it was on the column; that was one of the more obvious changes a driver would surely remember.
Des phares fonctionnant parfaitement sont un gage de securite en route surtout la nuit ou en cas de brouillard.
I also owned a little fleet of 404s, about half a dozen, which I would bring back from the dead having found them in junkyards or folks practically giving them away. For those that could afford a second car, it made a great way to pamper your backside during the week after racing your MG or Austin Healey on the weekends. It allows for an exceptionally high amount of axle articulation, normally a concern for serious off-roaders. I know they can be kept going in the right hands, but I was smart enough to know those weren’t mine. I also found an original factory roof rack, which could haul a huge amount of gear, bikes, etc.
Une verification reguliere de l’etat des ampoules est donc un geste de securite qui doit devenir une habitude. One can easily screw down the fan mounting bolts to engage the fan permanently, and that’s what all of them seem to have had done with them. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the 404 was the fastest starting car I ever had.
The Cadillac-Olds dealer in nearby Moline sold Peugeots from 1985 to 1991, quite a combination for a dealership! Les feux de jour ou de croisement, avant comme arriere et droite comme gauche, doivent etre remplaces quand il le faut.

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