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For some features, such as activating the OEM alarm on a vehicle that was not originally programmed at the factory to include an alarm, require you to add codes to the Vehicle Order (VO) also known as the FA. To keep this tutorial as short as possible, I will not be going into some of the details for NCS Expert since most were explained in the Getting Started guide. In the Enter VIN pop-up window, verify that the Vin listed is the correct VIN number for the vehicle. After the job has ended, we need to also write the new VO to the LMA ECU so that it will be both wrote to the CAS and LMA ECU. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials. Buxbaum of AMG of NA told me that they'd convert a euro car over to look US-spec, get it approved by the DOT, then convert it all back to the euro style; their customers preferred that.

If that sounds off, or anyone isn't sure, look up VINs in the Wikipedia, find the table for checksums, and compute it yourself (or I'll give you a copy of my Perl script that does it) and you'll see that replacing 0 with a 6 makes it an invalid VIN because it messes up the checksum.
I basically wrote a small Perl script that takes a VIN and computes the checksum, then compares it to the one in the VIN and sees if they match.
And even if the vin as 107040 works on your checksum, it's still not a valid VIN with 107040, because there never was a 107040 variant.
So, it seems that in early 1985 Mercedes was still doing VIN's their style WDB then XXXXXX for the type and variant, then 1 or 2 for left or right hand drive them 1 or 2 or I think later A and M (I'm guessing the M) for the transmission type, then the last six digits for the chassis number.
Unless of course the checksum was only manditory for US delivered vehicles before that point, and this vehicle (the 500SL AMG) was actually German delivered. Hope all that didn't sound too abrupt, I was just busily checking all my facts and details as I was typing it, so the tone may be a bit off.

After typing in the code, press the Add button, and verify that the code was listed in the list of FA codes. VIN's might have been standardised in 1981 but obviously the check-digit didn't come in until much later, because I've seen heaps of MB's produced in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 that have as their ninth digit (the check-digit in later VIN's) as the vehicle variant code last digit, as in this case. Because this 1987 Australian delivered 300E with VIN WDB1240302A785484 doesn't work with the check sum, but the VIN is 100% guaranteed correct. First, update your daten files to the most up to date version and try & restore the module(s) that messed up your VO.

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