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Universal is distributing another Diesel movie this summer, featuring the actor’s other iconic character: Riddick arrives in theaters in September, 13 years after Pitch Black unexpectedly started the sci-fi franchise and nine years after the so-so box office for The Chronicles of Riddick appeared to end it. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The Fast films are very different from the other major blockbuster franchises this summer. The audience now appreciates stories that connect and a direction that you’ll take over multiple pictures, as opposed to just one picture. Facebook used to ask me to come up to their office to explain what the f— I was doing, and why I had so many fans.
If there was social media in the ’50s, there probably would’ve been a sequel to On the Waterfront. As far as that social media’s concerned, I feel like I’ve satisfied two of the three most prominent promises that I started the page with. When your dream’s about to come true, when you’re about to get that shot, it’s like: “Holy s—! For more from Vin Diesel and the cast of Fast & Furious 6, check out this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly! All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. His most famous character – soulful auto-outlaw Dominic Toretto – is returning to screens in Fast & Furious 6, which marks the long-running franchise’s return to the summer blockbuster season. Maybe because I’m a Dungeons & Dragons head, my approach to everything is a little more thought-out.
Because it was first-quarter 2009, and he’d just got elected as President, because of social media. What was unique was: I never let anyone do a post, I never let anyone post for me in the last four years.

I was just looking at a script, 10 years old, by David Franzoni, that was my first Hannibal draft. I’ve had Frank Miller in storyboard meetings, where he couldn’t resist taking a pen and drawing out panels for Hannibal. The only people in Hollywood that could do it were people that had the backing of previously-written novels. He felt like he was somewhat accountable, because he tried to leave the crew and Letty in order to protect them. It’s about going into the next trilogy with all your ducks in order, and an idea of where 7, 8, and 9 are to go. Universal has placed it in a way where they’re feeling so confident about the movies, they’re defining the beginning and ending of the summer with these two movies. They were promoting it, like, “We came up with a new way for people to check marital status.” That’s not what Facebook was. My audience knows me so well on the page that if my producing partner’s in the room when I post, they’ll know somebody was around me. If I’m doing a photo shoot with a leopard, and the leopard gets loose, and nobody got eaten, you kind of go: There must be something to that energy everyone has. In between then and now, though, Diesel became a social-media phenomenon and an action-hero comeback kid… and he still has his sights set on his long-in-the-works passion project about a certain Carthaginian General.
They’re gonna start the summer with Fast 6 and they’re very deliberately going to end the summer with the guy that ends everything, with Riddick. Now, after Universal’s seen me produce this Fast trilogy, they are much more cautious about letting [the Hannibal] trilogy go to another studio. For our Fast & Furious 6 cover story, we talked to Diesel about Fast, Riddick, Facebook, and Hannibal the Conqueror.

In this new age of filmmaking, if the audience sees a movie, they want to carry that equity with them to the next movie.
Pour arriver ici, rien de plus simple, les internautes amateurs de grands vins et champagnes a prix reduits ont recherche par exemple Liqueur Curacao bleu Vedrenne 70cl 25°. He’s used the idea of revenge to try to soothe that guilt, which doesn’t work at the end of 4 as we saw. What Facebook didn’t realize is something very big was about to happen, and that was – for the first time in history, and it’s kind of a fluke they didn’t see this coming – when I jumped on that page in April 2009, I started talking to people. If you notice the first three movies, they were fragmented, they were unconnected – which was part of the reason why I wasn’t keen on continuing the franchise in the early stages. After the first movie, they were still treating it the way Hollywood treated franchises in the ’80s and ’90s. That approach is what made the difference, and took us from where we were with Tokyo Drift to tripling those numbers for Fast & Furious 4. Imagine if you could’ve been a Facebook friend to Marlon Brando, or whoever your role models are. Imagine, if you were able to Facebook Elvis, and talk to him, and hear from him without the Hollywood of it all.

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