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We are excited to offer in-house custom wheel alignments using the latest, state-of-the-art alignment equipment from Hunter Engineering. In addition, preventing damage to standard and custom wheel packages with low-profile performance tires requires extreme attention to detail and with our staff and equipment, we 100% guarantee that your wheels will not be damaged. Our revolutionary equipment also allows us to offer to perform a detailed alignment check free of charge.
It all starts with a wireless VIN Scanner that allows us to quickly and accurately read the vehicle's identification number giving us exact details on the make and model.
The HawkEye Elite Alignment System Consoles include powerful Intel® processors, running Hunter's latest patented version of WinAlign® alignment software on a Windows® 7 operating system. New and patented QuickGrip™ adapters and three-dimensional targets accelerate service with set-up times in seconds instead of minutes. The system's patented clamping arms grip the tire tread instead of the rim edge, removing the worry of damaging expensive rims from metal-to-metal contact. New and patented HawkEye Elite digital imaging sensors include four high-resolution cameras that instantly update adjustment readings on-screen.
CodeLink recalibrates the steering angle sensor (SAS) to match the final alignment angles of the vehicle, as required by the OEM, to complete an alignment. Our mission in the alignment business is to incorporate our passion for performance oriented upgrades to provide the best possible custom alignment tailored to an individual's driving style.

For Visumatic Reps, Customers and Industry media, Visumatic media tools are easily accessible for your use.
Fast and FuriousEnlarge PhotoYes, we know we’re still a month out from the release of Fast And Furious 6, but news of yet another sequel of the popular car-themed action series has surfaced. That’s right, Fast And Furious 7 is in the works, and it’s being fast tracked for a release on July 11, 2014.
The announcement of Fast And Furious 7 was made by none other than Vin Diesel, the actor who plays co-lead Dom Toretto and also serves as producer for the movies.
He was speaking in front of a group of cinema managers in Las Vegas on Tuesday, an event also attended by most of the latest movie’s co-stars including Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster and Tyrese Gibson. It’s not clear which characters--or cars--will return for the next installment, though we know director James Wan will take over from Justin Lin, who was responsible for the last four movies. ExpressAlign analyzes each job and presents the optimal action sequence with the minimum steps required. Hunter presents all of the tools and aftermarket correction kits needed for each alignment. HawkEye Elite systems include Hunter's patented and award-winning CodeLink® electronic steering system reset device and a VIN bar code scanner as standard features. Working with the newly designed targets, HawkEye Elite sensors provide 3D modeling of wheel position and orientation for the most accurate alignment measurements.

Over the next couple of years that number will rise significantly with manufacturers adding electronic stability control (ESC) systems in all new vehicles by 2012. The adapters clamp over the tires and never touch the lip of the wheel, like all other previous alignment machines. This Model X Signature is maxed out with the extended battery as well as upgraded motors, Insane Mode is enabled and it's crazy fast! The entire adapter and target assembly weighs only six lbs., making it easy to handle and install. Also enabled are Auto Steer, Auto Lane Change, Summon, Side Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Speed Assist, Forward Collision Warning and Auto Park. A special shop-tough polymer construction makes the assembly tolerant of accidental drops. We will get your car on the rack and provide a free alignment check including a full color graphic printout. Additionally, the assembly's ultra-compact profile easily fits between narrow lift posts and other tight constraints.

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