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National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines announced on July 12 that it has customized its online check in service, as part of plans to improve service quality and meet the demands of travellers. The airline now provides passengers with a customized online check-in which helps to save precious time by eliminating a number of steps in the check-in process. Hu?ng d?n cach checkin online (lam th? t?c tr?c tuy?n) c?a Vietnam Airlines giup b?n ti?t ki?m th?i gian, va khong c?n d?n qu?y checkin tren san bay.
Gi?ng nhu Vietjet, Vietnam Airline cung h? tr? ti?n ich check-in tr?c tuy?n danh cho hanh khach. Check-in tr?c tuy?n ho?c Web Check-in la cach lam th? t?c bay tr?c tuy?n tru?c gi? bay t? trang ch? c?a hang ma khong c?n d?i t?i gi? m? qu?y ? san bay. Hi?n nay, c? Vietjet va VNA d?u h? tr? lam th? t?c check-in tr?c tuy?n d? gi?m th?i gian x?p hang va gi?m t?i cong vi?c cho nhan vien qu?y d?ch v?. Check-in tr?c tuy?n c?a Vietnam Airline co th? th?c hien trong kho?ng 24-2h tru?c h kh?i hanh. B?n ph?i co m?t ? san bay va du?c nhan vien Vietnam Airline xac nh?n, dong d?u vao Th? len tau bay ch?m nh?t 30 phut tru?c gi? kh?i hanh d?i v?i chuy?n bay qu?c n?i va 45 phut d?i v?i chuy?n bay qu?c t?. B?n cung co th? ch?n ch? ng?i con tr?ng khi th?c hi?n check-in tr?c tuy?n v?i Vietnam Airline.
Bu?c 4: So d? may bay hi?n ra v?i cac ky hi?u gh? con tr?ng chua co ai ng?i (mau tr?ng) va gh? da b? ch?n (mau xanh). Th?i gian lam th? t?c tr?c tuy?n t? 24 ti?ng d?n 2 ti?ng tru?c th?i gian d? d?nh c?t canh c?a chuy?n bay. D?i v?i hanh trinh kh? h?i, th?i gian lam th? t?c tr?c tuy?n trong vong 24 ti?ng d?n 2 ti?ng tru?c gi? kh?i hanh c?a M?I chuy?n bay. M?i l?n lam th? t?c tr?c tuy?n ch? th?c hi?n du?c t?i da cho 9 hanh khach trong cung M?T h? so d?t ch?.
The Hanoi airport offers free wifi, which is great, but there were long check-in queues for Vietnam Airlines, so leave plenty of time for that if you don’t have SkyTeam status (I had also tried and failed to get a status match to a SkyTeam airline). We had checked in online, and I had selected seat 16D, which showed as having no seat in front of it on the seat map. The in-flight entertainment was some sort of funny home video show, which I found amusing, and I found it interesting that the in-flight announcements were made in Vietnamese, English, French, Korean, and Japanese.

This entry was posted in Travel, Trip Reports and tagged economy, flight review, travel, trip report, vietnam airlines on January 14, 2015 by Edward. The Flying Blue website did not show the nonstop flight on Vietnam Airlines, even though there was award availability.
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In the latest lesson on how to be a smart tech news consumer, we focus on why research pointing to Apple gains somehow is trumpeted as losses for the iPad maker. Wednesday, research firm IDC announced Apple’s tablet saw a 65 percent year-over-year gain in first-quarter shipments.
Yet several news outlets blared headlines of the iPad’s market share falling below 40 percent. There’s no denying that Apple was the top tablet maker by both units shipped and market share. The company, which historically has experienced a steep drop off in first quarter shipments (following strong holiday sales in the fourth quarter), saw some smoothing of that seasonality this year. Sustained demand for the iPad mini and increasingly strong commercial shipments led to a better-than-expected first quarter for Apple.
But what about Asus, which according to IDC experienced 350 percent growth from Q1 of 2012 and 2013, making it the No.
Asus managed to move into the number 3 vendor spot as it continued to see decent tablet shipment demand from the highly marketed Nexus 7 device. Of course, if we remove the sub-$300 tablets from Android’s gains, comparing Apples to Apples, a different picture may emerge. Secondarily, comparing the Android tablet market against the Apple iPad market is akin to comparing Chevy (no offense intended to Chevy fans) against Porsche to determine which has the largest share of auto purchases.
Makes sense samsung stuff is pretty nice though the math on this stuff seems a little confusing.

Tuy nhien, nhu?c di?m c?a VNA ch? nh?ng du?ng bay n?i d?a t?i Ha N?i, Sai Gon, Da N?ng m?i co th? lam th? t?c tr?c tuy?n.
Check-in tr?c tuy?n giup b?n co th? ch?n du?c ch? ng?i ung y ma khong m?t them b?t k? chi phi nao. Tuy nhien, v?i hang Vietnam Airline thi ch? nh?ng du?ng bay t?i Ha N?i, Da N?ng, Sai Gon m?i du?c lam th? t?c tr?c tuy?n. Trong kho?ng th?i gian nay, b?n co th? len website c?a hang va t? xac nh?n thong tin hanh trinh bay. N?u m?t h? so d?t ch? co tren 9 hanh khach thi Quy khach th?c hi?n lam th? t?c tr?c tuy?n nhi?u l?n cho t?t c? hanh khach trong h? so d?t ch?.
I had tried and failed to book award tickets for this segment using FlyingBlue miles, but the online award search tool kept wanting to route us through Guangzhou on China Southern instead of the nonstop on Vietnam Airlines, even though I was 98% sure that the Vietnam Airlines flight had award space available. The terminal was also kept pretty warm, and the lounges were located on the upper floor, which was even warmer, so also be prepared for that. In reality, there’s a jump seat in front of this seat, which is not quite the same as not having a seat in front of you. I only touched the dessert (we had brought some banh mi to the airport as snacks–why can’t airlines just serve banh mi?
I could have called to book, but paying the phone reservation fee in addition to taxes and surcharges would not have made sense. I have an iPhone myself and love it but would love they would just pair up and let you pay for android duel boot if you wanted too. So in the end, we paid cash and did some throwaway ticketing and booked roundtrip flights between HAN and REP because it was cheaper, even though we weren’t going to return to Hanoi.

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